Ideas Log Bunk Beds with Rustics for House

Log bunk beds, a new type of bed with stairs and double bed that is made with up and down position. Usually this bed is used for military bunker when people get sleep all around together. However, the styles right now have been changed wider.

This model is not just made for military purpose but becomes even more private as it can be used for home bedroom too. You can find many models today. It comes with variety of styles that looks attractive. One of the unique styles is the rustic model.

Rustic Log Bunk Beds for Bedroom

Michigan Rustics Rustic Log Bunk Bed #1 Selling Twin, Full, Queen

Rustic has been known as the model that takes the wooden as main material with unique shapes. The rustic always comes with rough and kind of unfinished model. However, this is the unique thing that makes this item looks special. Finding this item in a sale season is way better as you can get cheaper way for one item. Buying log bunk beds for sale will keep your pocket save from too much expulsion money.

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Log cabin bunk beds are indeed offers various sizes. The twin size, twin full size, twin queen size, full size, and full queen size are some of the models that are offered to buyers. Of course, you need to find the right size for you. The queen bunk model and full bunk have different size for bed. Deciding the size for bed is important yet that is not the only thing that you need to be consider about. You have to know about the material that is used to create the bed.

The Wooden Material for Bunk Bed

Midwest Log Furniture – Premium Log Bunk Bed – Twin

Rustic design for log style bunk beds is made with wooden. A lot of wooden types are used like Cedar and Pine. The pine wooden also divided into variety of types depends on the region. Norway pine is also the example. Other types of wooden are the Aspen, Barnwood, Hickory, Northwoods, and more. As you know, this log bunk type offers only one bed yet built with higher position, above the floor, that makes it called as log bunk.

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Even so, still other variants are made to give more optional items that people will like. You can leisurely find and choose the one that looks good with your opinion. The full bunk bed offers two beds with two vertical positions up and above, made with stair that is stuck in the bed. The carvings model and the drawers are two other models for inspirational rustic bunk bed ideas that you may enjoy.

Rustic Farmhouse Bunk Bed – Queen Queen Traditional Bunk Bed Wood Reclaimed Bunk Bed Modern Urban Cottage Bunk Bed

What makes it good to have log bunk beds with rustic model in your house? If your house copies the idea of natural and wood then this item is definitely the one that you need to complete the concept. This furniture really goes well with nature sight.

Once you put this in your room, add some additional accessories like bedroom fabric with natural green printed and then it all goes perfect. This item will look really good if you have house with almost hundred percent made by wooden. The wood house really matches well with this log bunk.

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Log bunk bed offers one bed only that has been created with high height. The bed position is above the floors for around one or two meters. Rustic log bunk is the unique one.