Italian Provincial Bedroom Furniture Style for a Dream Chamber

Just like the other Italian Provincial furnishings, the Italian Provincial bedroom furniture also has the distinct appeal where the pieces can fit perfectly in both formal and semiformal design setting.

The Italian Provincial furniture style is often confused with its French counterpart, while in fact it is less ornate and curve as French furniture. However, this furniture design style was indeed influenced by French and Spanish designs during the 17th and 18th centuries.

About the Italian Provincial Bedroom Furniture

In general, this particular furniture style has distinctive characteristics which may be difficult to define. It’s because of how this Italian furniture was developed from various provinces in Italy. Even so, this furniture design style was mainly designed to adapt to fit a more relaxed and simpler lifestyle.

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The early Italian bedroom furniture was renowned for their carved moldings and details that were similar to those of Baroque furniture design style. Even so, this particular style evolved with influences coming from the Neo-Classical French.

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In general, the Italian Provincial bedroom furniture sets feature the straight and tapered lines along with the rectilinear body shapes and detailing—carved or painted. Both dark and light decorative marquetry was common in this furniture design style, especially in the southern Italian provinces.

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Another example why each province might showcase a different look is how the Venetian rural craftsmen often made painted furniture featuring hand-painted details of fruits, flowers, and fruit. Other common characteristics include the hand-carved embellishments featuring golden leaf gilding and finishing options of ivory or white paint and fruitwood.

When incorporating the Italian bedroom furniture set for your bedroom, you can always easily re-create the classic Italian interior style for your truly inviting and comfortable bedroom space. Even so, considering the origin of Italian Province furniture design, you may find that glam and elegance are not the main appeal to show off. It is unlike the Italian Renaissance furniture, which was favored among the wealthy people during its peak.

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Rather, the Italian Province furniture is more fitting in a bedroom that is designed to emphasize a more relaxed atmosphere and look. Hence, it is best to avoid any excessive ornamentation when decorating the bedroom. Rather, something that is similar to shabby chic decorating style may be a better choice to help you emphasize the distinct look and characteristics of Italian Provide furniture set in your bedroom.

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For example, use floral pattern to decorate your bedroom from the choice of bedding or curtains. Rather than hanging a sparkling crystal chandelier on the ceiling, opt for something with less elaborate detailing instead.

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You can also embrace the Italian Provincial bedroom furniture even if you opt for a simpler and more modern bedroom interior setting. However, be sure not to overdo it considering the main characteristic of modern style where everything is kept clean and simple.

Simply placing an Italian Provincial bed for the focal point will do wonder in a more modern bedroom space. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the inspiring pictures of how to embrace this bedroom furniture style in your room below! Italian Provincial bedroom furniture has the distinctive characteristics that set this furniture design style apart from the others, offering unique look.