Kitchen Island Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, one of the best plans is Kitchen Island. Kitchen Island is a kind of table applied in the kitchen. It is usually placed at the center of the kitchen. Of course, it can be considered a multifunctional and useful component where you can use it to prepare meals. Kitchen Island ideas will be appropriate for either big or small space. However, it cannot be applied carelessly. So, you will need some inspirations.

How to Apply Kitchen Island for a Small Space

As it is mentioned above, Kitchen Island is not only for a kitchen with big space. However, it is also appropriate for a kitchen with small space. There are many ideas that you can try.

First of all, you will have to think about lighting. Lighting for Kitchen Island ideas are different from the common lighting. In this case, make sure that you apply a bright lamp at the center of your kitchen or right above the Kitchen Island. So, you will be able to work optimally.

Primo Industrial Kitchen Pendant Lighting Brushed Nickel Hanging Light Fixture LL-P429-BN

For the type of lighting, you should prioritize LED lamps to optimize the lighting. You also have to avoid chandeliers or other lamps that cannot provide bright lighting. Sometimes, you will need more than one lamp. Besides at the center of the kitchen, lighting may also be needed at other parts in the kitchen such as above the kitchen vanity. Anyway, you have to be careful to decide the lighting.

Dazhuan Vintage Frosted Glass Shade Chandelier 4-Lights Pendant Lighting Hanging Ceiling Lamp

One of the best ideas for your narrow kitchen is a restaurant grade small Kitchen Island. In this idea, you can apply an industrial / commercial stainless steel work table. It is durable, sturdy and lightweight. Besides that, it is available in different sizes so that you can adjust it to the space available.

Slater 2-drawer Kitchen Island with Drop Leaves Brown and Black

A butcher block Kitchen Island also belongs to the top small kitchen with Island ideas. It is an excellent alternative where the surface is perfect to use. In addition, it also lets you add a couple of stools to make a snack counter.

Nantucket White Kitchen Island by Home Styles

You can also consider a repurposed-furniture Kitchen Island if you are looking for the cheap & effective option. If you are interested in it, you can apply a sofa table, a cabinet, a bar height dining table, etc. If you still need more ideas, the drop leaf Kitchen Island can also be a good plan.

This plan is a smart way to add additional counter space to your kitchen that involves the drop leaf. Other ideas include a floating Island ledge, a storable Kitchen Island, a rolling Kitchen Island, etc.

How to Enhance a Large Kitchen with Kitchen Island

If you have a big kitchen and you are interested in Kitchen Island, you have to know how to apply it. There are many ideas of enhancing your large kitchen with a Kitchen Island. If you do not have any idea yet, you can consider Kitchen Island ideas with seating. With the large space, you should not be confused where to apply the seating.

Winsome Suzanne Kitchen, Square, Teak

Talking about seating, you have to find the best seating for your Kitchen Island. There are many types of seating that you can pair to Kitchen Island. For example, you can consider stools, wooden chairs, stainless steel chairs, plastic chairs, etc. You are allowed to have more than one seating as long as it does not block any access. It depends on what you need.

Monarch White Kitchen Island with 2 Stools by Home Styles

Besides seating, you should also think about the model of Kitchen Island. In fact, there are so many models available that you can choose. However, make sure that you choose one that meets your need. Here, we recommend you to have one that comes with sink.

Americana Antique White Kitchen Island by Home Styles

If you are interested in Kitchen Island sink ideas, your kitchen will really be enhanced well. This one belongs to multipurpose Kitchen Island because you cannot only use it to prepare meals but it can also be used to wash kitchen equipment such as plates, pans, bowl, etc.

The Orleans Kitchen Island by Home Styles

Tips in Choosing Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island should be chosen carefully and wisely. You cannot select it carelessly. In fact, there are so many options available. First of all, you have to decide where to buy. Today, there are many products of Kitchen Island sold at furniture stores. Alternatively, you can also buy it via online. In fact, there are so many online stores that provide Kitchen Island products you can buy.

Americana Black and Distressed Oak Kitchen Island by Home Styles

Besides that, you also have to consider your own budget. Kitchen Island comes in different prices. However, you do not need to worry about the price because there are many products of Kitchen Island with low prices. Of course, it becomes good news for you who are looking for Kitchen Island ideas on a budget. Here, you should buy a Kitchen Island that is suitable for your budget.

After you prepare the budget, you have to consider other aspects that meet your needs. For example, you have to choose the design of the Kitchen Island. Talking about Kitchen Island design, you have to pay attention to pay attention to some aspects.

HOMCOM Portable Multi-Storage Rolling Kitchen Island Storage Cart with Stainless Steel Top, White

For example, it is about the size, shape, and color. In fact, Kitchen Island is available in different sizes, shapes and colors. The size and shape should be adjusted to the available space whereas the color may depend on your desire.

Kitchen Island is also available in different styles. To choose the style, you have to customize it to the style applied in your kitchen. If its style is matched to your kitchen style, your kitchen will look awesome. Is it possible to place a Kitchen Island not at the center of your kitchen? Of course it is possible even though the most common case is at the center. However, it depends on the free space available.

Kitchen Island ideas have been popular since years ago. Now, you can also apply a Kitchen Island. It should be able to make you work in the kitchen comfortably. Hopefully this can help you find the best idea for your desired Kitchen Island.