KitchenAid KHM614CU 6 Speed Hand Mixer Contour Silver Pros Cons

KitchenAid hand mixer lines are considered the top amongst the kitchen appliance products. This mixer model is available in 12 different color choices, making it worth adding to your buying list if you want to beautify your kitchen. The mixer is also well-functioned to whip your mashed potato, cookie, or milkshakes.

The highlighted features of KitchenAid KHM614CU 6 Speed Hand Mixer Contour Silver do not stop here. In addition, the body is designed to be lightweight. The beaters are made from a material that has rust resistance, which is the stainless steel. 

If you’re a beginner in cooking, you do not have to worry as the product is really easy to use. The attachment is equipped with the eject button and the motor base is supported by swivel lock, so you can switch between right-hand and left-hand usage. It can stand on its own when you’re not using it.

KitchenAid KHM614CU 6 Speed Hand Mixer Contour Silver Pros Cons

KitchenAid 6 Speed Hand Mixer, Contour Silver

As you may have known, the mixer has 6-speed settings. You can control it by using the up and down push-button, while the backlit bars will indicate the speed that you are currently on. It allows you to choose the result that you need for a certain recipe. 

The wide range of speed options and other features will eliminate the common problem for home bakers, such as the beater that moves too fast, splatter wet, and blow up ingredients. Moreover, this mixer maintenance is pretty easy, as the cleaning and the parts are not complicated at all.

You just have to eject the stainless steel beater in the dishwasher or wash it by hand and immediately dry it. The other parts of the unit only need to be wiped by damp fabric. Here is the list of the pros and cons of the product.


  1. It provides 6-speed setting options.
  2. The mixer has features of a soft start.
  3. It also has a digital bar display.
  4. There are various features to support.


  1. Due to the detachable feature, the beater may feel wobbly at times.
  2. It might be under-powered for the tough tasks.