Laminated Glass vs Tempered Glass – How to Choose Right Safety Glass for your home

Once I heard someone saying ‘I’m not against glass windows, I do like them but afraid of their time-to-time breakage and injurious nature. Well, this is awful that some of us really underestimate the power of glass. Glass is not only meant to break or shatter, there are some toughened sorts of glass that provide amazing safety, hence called Safety Glass.
Here we reveal some suggestions and valuable information about tempered and laminated glass at the back end. Let’s get straight into the guide on how to choose the right safety glass for your different home projects.

Tempered glass- What is it and how is it manufactured?

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The first thing that strikes our minds is how tempered glass is the strongest glass. Ordinary glass is tempered through different heating and cooling processes. It’s a normal glass at the start until it is forced through extreme heating temperature and then let it slowly cool down. This slow cooling procedure makes it a sort of safety glass that is next to impossible to break down.

  • Where can you use tempered glass? 

Tempered glass is a safety glass that has excess demand, so you can use this glass anywhere. Due to its safety concerns, it can easily be installed as patio doors, glass windows, or any other home-based project. Apart from these, you can use this sturdy glass in automobiles, devices, decorative items, or other commercial projects. However, what about, where you need even more protection than tempered glass actually serves? Just one glass can beat a tempered glass, and that is Laminated Glass.

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Laminated glass- What is it and how is it manufactured? 

Laminated glass is manufactured a bit differently to ensure its longevity and sturdy nature. It is commonly made by bonding 2 layers of glass with 1 layer of resin, usually PVB (polyvinyl butyral). This thicker and sturdy glass is achieved by bonding these layers under extreme heat and pressure. The interlayer is meant to hold the two panes or layers of glass together, even when it breaks.

  • Usages or applications- Where to use laminated glass?

Windows and doors made with laminated glass are more preferred. Just like tempered glass, it can also be used among different automobile constructions or commercial projects. No doubt, it’s the best safety glass but the quality may differ from place to place. Carefully find out the best market places or simply grab your amazing quality sturdy glass online through Fab glass and mirror.

8 Tips for how to choose the right safety glass

Well either we talk about laminated glass or tempered both serves the amazing safety and strength features. Let’s discover the most suitable type of glass based on metrics of durability, safety, availability and quality.

1. Tempered glass vs laminated glass- More safety concerns!

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No doubt, both the glass is the true face of actual safety glass, but still, there’s one glass among these that’s way sturdier. Of course, all this bull session is about laminated glass. This shatter-proof glass lets the broken pieces stick together and not scatter around. This property is really amazing! This is the fact due to which we said earlier, it’s next to impossible to break.

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2. Application in huge and commercial projects!

If we talk about glass used for commercial buildings, builders mostly prefer laminated glass because it would remain in its place even if it breaks. Many parts of commercial buildings have certain glass codes, so they can’t use anything else to replace them. For instance, mainly builders use laminated glass code for their outdoors and windows, and some prefer tempered ones.

3. Which one is expensive?

When a builder starts his business of constructing any building, he tries to manage the budget first. If you are on your way to starting any project, let us help you in this regard. Tempered glass is way less pricey than laminated safety glass. Both serve the safety and security of your building, so if tempered glass suits more, go for it!

Note: Laminated glass has more demand in commercial buildings, for household purposes, tempered glass is a perfect glass. 

4. Laminated or shatterproof glass provides extensive UV resistance

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When your building faces too much sun exposure, install doors, windows, or skylights made with laminated glass as it provides more UV resistance. This is the reason why people prefer laminated skylights.

5. Do you need soundproof glass? 

Had you built your home heading to the main and busy road and now regret it? Well, changing the location is now impossible or just difficult enough, but would you not install something that can cancel this noise? Here, safety glass serves one more purpose and that is noise-cancellation. A laminated glass or safety glass can reduce up to 97% of the noise. So, the ones who have installed laminated doors or windows will be aware of this peace!

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6. Tempered glass vs laminated glass- Maintenance?

Well, choosing something that requires low maintenance is the most difficult yet significant task. We spend whole-heartedly when we renovate anything, but spending savings on maintenance is just disturbing. Laminated glass requires minimum maintenance as it can be repaired but tempered can’t.

7. Choose the one which has Multiple applications

Choosing the right glass that can serve multiple purposes, or is easily used for multiple tasks seems perfect. Well, here both types of glass get through this exam. Both the safety glass can be utilized for multiple purposes like mobile or laptop screens, projectors, automobiles, doors, windows, or any decorative items.

8. Easy to cut into shape!

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Laminated glass is easy to cut down into whatever shape you want, even if you aren’t a professional. However, you can do the same with a little practice with tempered glass.

In the end!

Two main types of safety glass are laminated and tempered glass. Both serve equal characteristics, yet application purposes. Laminated glass is a bit expensive but doesn’t compromise on safety.