Light Oak Nightstand with Drawers for Vintage Bedroom Decor

A bedroom should make the owner feels safe and comfortable. A comfortable bedroom provides what the owner needs. One of the must have furniture for a bedroom is the nightstand. Nightstand comes with different colors, designs and materials. For a bedroom that has plenty of kinds of stuff having a nightstand that has plenty of storage spaces is important. One of the recommended furniture for a crowded bedroom is light oak nightstand with drawers. The light oak nightstand is being popular because of the color that is applicable for any bedroom concept.

American Drew Grand Isle 3 Drawer Nightstand in Amber Finish

Traditional Style of Light Oak Nightstand with Drawers

Home Styles 5518-42 The French Countryside Night Stand Oak Rubbed White

Oak nightstand with drawers offers additional storage for your bedroom. You can use the drawers to store your personal belongings. If you like to read every night before sleep, you will need a nightstand that can store you favorite books.

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Light Oak Nightstand for a Bright Bedroom Decoration

5 Classical Types Of Oak Nightstand This Year

It will not let your bedroom cluttered with books and it will be easy for you to open and get the book again because it is located nearby when you are lying on the bed. The drawers also can be used to store you smartphone. You can take it in your reach whenever you want and store the phone safely inside the bedroom.

Treshley Casual Light Brown Color Three Drawer Night Stand

A number of drawers in the Light oak nightstand with drawers is varying depending on the size of the nightstand and the designs. If you like to have medium or small size of bedroom, a nightstand with two or three drawers will be a good option. If you prefer larger size you can combine drawers with cabinet in the nightstand.

The cabinet can be used as a small bookshelf containing your currently read book or to keep big things that you have. The cabinet is usually located under the drawers. The cabinet can be either with or without door depending on your choice.

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Light Oak Nightstand with Drawers Design

Safavieh Alaia One Drawer Nightstand

Light oak nightstand with drawers has different price depending on the finishing and material being used. The cheapest price for a nightstand with drawers is around $100 while for the premium quality the price of a nightstand up to $1,000 or more. Therefore, you can choose a light oak nightstand with price that is suitable with your budget.

Winsome Wood End Table Night Stand with Drawer and Shelf, Natural

For traditional bedroom décor, you should buy a nightstand with antique decoration or rustic finish. Antique décor in a nightstand will make a bedroom feels very traditional and classic. Besides, the rustic finish can make a bedroom feels vintage in a versatile way. These two designs of light oak nightstand are recommended to buy if you really want to create a traditional bedroom with refreshing and vintage nuance.

Furniture of America Springbay Light Walnut 3-drawer Nightstand

If you need stylish and functional furniture as the storage space in your bedroom, you need to buy a nightstand with versatile drawers. Antique and rustic design of light oak nightstand with drawers is the best design of nightstand to create traditional look of a bedroom. You can make a bedroom feels comfortable and vintage as well as make your bedroom look neat and well arranged with the oak nightstand with drawers.