Loft Bunk Bed and Army Bunk Beds Inspirational Design for You

The army bunk beds have different design and made with different material too. If the wooden is known to be the top material people usually choose to build bed then for this model, the material that is used is usually stainless steel or iron. The bed frame looks thinner and simpler than other models. This model is usually used for military purpose and barracks. Below are things that you may need to note before purchasing this model.

The Army Bunk Beds

You can find US army bunk beds easily by searching it online. This bed offers special experience that makes you to get close with military feels. You can set it up for bunkhouse or hunting camp. There are different models that are set for this. The camp style, the military style and the genuine style all are different. The camp style usually has hand frame in the upper side so it will protect those who sleep above.

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Meanwhile, the military style does not have that protective or safety handling in the body frame design. Thus, in army style bunk beds there is no additional feature like drawers or even big stairs because this model is made with very simple design. There is no complex design or lovely model that you may find for bunk bed for house. As this is usually used for camp and military purpose then what important is the durability.

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The Army Bunk Material and Size

Mostly the material that is used to create this military bunk comes from metal or wrought iron that offers more durability and sturdy. This kind of material can stands longer in any type of condition. It even can stay straight for years.

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Thus, this model is specially design for army. You need to consider about the size too. Some of the standard design for these vintage army bunk beds is 30 inches x 76 inches. This is the small size while the bigger size starts from 36 inches x 80 inches or up to 84 inches.

Loft Bunk Bed

If you do not really interest with military model or even the military bunk beds with storage then you may want to use loft bunk bed. The loft bunk is usually made for house with roomy and warm design. It is more attractive than Army model. It is understandable as this is used for different purpose.

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The function of this bed is also wider and more beneficial than others. This model is usually used for college or students because they can easily study in their room with reading books or doing task.

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This model is just the perfect model for you. Bunk with a lot of drawers, bunk with well-design for students, bunk with comfortable and spacious design. It is what you will get for loft model. The enchanted design with colorful and cheerful colors also something that is enjoyable to choose. However, if you want to expel the experience of military feel than you can choose these army bunk beds.

Army bunk beds are usually used for military purpose with simple and strict design. However, the material offers great durability. In other side, loft bunk can be a good choice for you.