Log Cabin Bedroom Sets with Mixed Design

A log cabin is quite similar with the small room or house with the entirely wooden material. However, cabin with wood style tends to be more ornamental in each side of the wall. Besides, the casual furniture is wooden-based, so this kind of cabin looks like the big box.

In log cabin bedroom sets, you will find several kinds of stuff from primary to the additional one. Main furniture is bed completed with the footboard, mattress plate, and headboard. Next to the bed, you will find nightstand, cabinet, drawer, cupboard, chair, stool, small table, and shelves. Moreover, the availability depends on your purchasing package.

Impressive Log Cabin Bedroom Sets

Rustic 5 Pc Pine Log Cabin Bedroom Sets Suite Lodge Bed QueenRustic 5 Pc Pine Log Bedroom Suite Lodge Bed Queen

Mixed design in log bedroom sets is the combination between two or three styles. It is easy to apply one style for the log cabin, but two are more challenging. Before determining what kind of style that you should implement, it is better to know log cabin characteristic.

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This type of room is made to spend spare room at attic, basement, or outdoor building. In the modern era, it is very difficult to find home with full wooden. You only find the wooden house in the remote area, outskirt of the forest, and very rural area. Wood is primary material because the location is out of touch with modern building material such as brick.

Intentional building with fully wood can be found in the city, but for the special purpose. Most of such buildings use special decoration, and it is not fully for the living. It does not mean that room or house will be the lack of aesthetic touch. Since the room has its characteristic, you cannot just put the random furniture.

The simplest thing you can use is to log cabin bedroom furniture sets. At the store, log cabin furniture is mixed with others and categorized into wooden-based furniture. Buying complete set will save time to do mixing placement. Therefore, you should recognize about the room characteristic and properties at the utmost level.

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Log Cabin Style Bedroom Furniture Sets

Midwest Log Furniture Rustic Log Bedroom Suite Queen 5pcMidwest Log Furniture Rustic Log Bedroom Suite Queen 5pc

When the room is already good, then you can move to the next stage. Old and modern styles are common to be mixed when designing log cabin. Two of styles might come from the different era, but they can go together as best companion. This thing will impact to log cabin bedroom furniture. You can use the classic style in furniture then modern for half room side. To do such arrangement, you can try two approaches

Firstly, log cabin style bedroom furniture will take natural color. It is the simple method to implement. Natural wooden colors start from light brown to completely dark or black. The modern style will be put on flooring using brick. You are better to choose one of two options for the wall.

The first material for the wall is wood and the combination of wood and brick. Fully wood is difficult to apply when the room is part of the house. To use the wooden wall, you need to cover the existing wall using the plumber. On the contrary, half wood is applicable in particular space such as under stair, corridor, or attic. You can create entirely new room.

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After the room is ready, log cabin style bedroom sets need to be arranged. For the bed, it will be on the side of the wall. It is better to prevent putting bed at the center because you only have small space on the left and right. With the bed on one side of the wall, you will get plenty of areas to put any furniture, such as the office or computer desk.

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