Low Bunk Beds for Toddlers: Offering Safety and Comfort

When buying a new bunk bed, there are various options the market offers. They range widely based on different aspects, starting from the size, material, price, and height in which low bunk beds for toddlers become popular.

Considering the construction of a bunk bed, in which two beds are stacked upon one and another, it goes without saying that its height does matter. For a bedroom with either low ceiling or ceiling fan mounted, it can be dangerous for the sleeper on the top bunk. However, you have a solution for this issue, which is seen in the form of the low bunk beds for kid.

Choosing the Right Low Bunk Beds for Toddlers

Full Over Full Low Bunk Bed with Angle Ladder in White Finish

So, what is actually a low bunk bed? Low bunk beds, or also often referred as mini bunk beds, are just like any regular bunk bed for a kid’s room you can find out there. The difference is that the low bunk beds are shorter—about 10 to 12 inches—compared to the traditional counterparts. We have mentioned before that they are ideal for a room with a ceiling fan mounted or low ceiling. However, they will make a great choice if you have smaller kids.

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Due to the height, the low bunk beds for toddlers will not be too high even for your little kids to reach the top bunk. Such benefit surely is an important consideration to ensure the safety of your little ones. The toddler size bunk beds itself will vary, depending on the size of the bed itself. Just like any regular beds, bunk beds are also offered in different sizes which start from twin to full. Although queen and king sized bunk beds are not common, it doesn’t mean they cannot be found.

Low Height Bunk Beds for Toddlers with Stairs for Sale

When possible, consider choosing one among the low bunk beds with stairs instead of those equipped with a ladder. Stairs are safer compared to a ladder, which definitely will make the bunk bed an even better choice for your little children.

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In addition to that, bunk beds with stairs are often designed with extra storage compartments found in the built-in drawers underneath the stairs. This way, it will be easier to teach your kids about responsibility and to keep the bedroom tidy all the time without having to buy another bulky storage compartment such as cabinets, shelves, or cubes.

Full Low Loft Bed with Panel Headboard in Natural Finish

It is not difficult to find the low height bunk beds for toddlers for sale. Amazon has so many options worth considering, such as the Embrace Youth twin loft bed with trundle from Ashley Furniture. The trundle bed surely can quickly provide extra sleeping space without having to take up the floor when it’s not in use!

That being said measuring the bedroom and considering who will be using the bunk bed make two of the critical things to take into account when buying low bunk beds for toddlers. And do not forget to pay any attention to the quality of construction and material to ensure the sturdiness and durability of the furniture—especially when your little kids are so active and love jumping in the bed!