Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver 11 Piece Set Pros Cons

This particular product might be the perfect answer if you are looking for a countertop blender that is compact in size and promotes ease of usage. There are several functions that this blender can run, including mincing, blending, mixing, grinding, and milling.

With a single tool, one can actually cook various dishes altogether. In order to use the tool, all user needs to do is securing the cup into the power base. Once the connection has been secured, the machine can be run.

Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver 11 Piece Set Pros Cons Review

The main material for Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver 11 Piece Set is plastic, so it does not weigh that much only about 4.7 pounds. Its dimensions are measured at 11.6 x 4.5 x 4 inches. There are eleven pieces of items that come with each purchased package.

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

The items include blending machines, blades, extra cups, chords, and a charger, as well as a recipe book. There is also a warranty letter included in the package. Each product gets a warranty period of 5 years. There are several pros and cons to purchasing this particular product. Here they are.

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  1. It does not take as much counter space as other blenders due to size and weight.
  2. The device operates on relatively low wattage (200 W).
  3. It is able to work on so many different functions.
  4. Ease of cleaning after usage (can handle dishwasher treatment well).
  5. The buyer gets extra cups and blades with each purchase.


  1. The power is not enough to create smooth consistency when blending or chopping harder food items.
  2. Power base gets heated up very quickly, particularly during more difficult tasks.
  3. It emits a loud noise when running.
  4. The plastic material feels flimsy when touched.

Since you can make the most out of this blender, it is important to adhere to the user’s guide. That way, you can maximize its functions and lifespan.