Media Dresser for Bedroom: A Useful Buying Guide for You

There are various types of bedroom dresser offered by the stores, and a media dresser for bedroom is one of them. Generally speaking, a bedroom dresser actually offers one primary purpose, which is a storage unit. Even so, what you can store inside the dresser varies depending on your own needs. And according to what to store inside the dresser, this may determine the dimensions of the unit too.

A media dresser for bedroom is designed for homeowners who want to have any media device in their room. Typically, a media dresser is divided into 2 sections; the lower section has drawers to store clothing, while the upper one typically features a space large enough for a TV.

There are those in which the upper section is covered with a set of doors. However, as the TVs become larger, now the upper part is often left bare and open so the more modern and larger flat TV can sit atop it.

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Buying Media Dresser for Bedroom

1. Measurements of the Bedroom

Although a media dresser for bedroom typically will not go to consume too much space, it is still important for you to take a careful measurement of the room before you buy one. The measurements are supposed to include both wall and floor areas, which is especially important if the unit will be sitting under a wall mirror or window.

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You will also need to pay attention to the circulation or movement across the room too, considering how the chest of drawers may be protruding outward more than anticipated. This way, your new bedroom media dresser will not end up being an obstruction in your room.

2. Construction

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Wood makes the most common material used for the dresser’s chest of drawers. With various types of wood out there, this also means that not all media dressers are equal. In general, there are three different types of wood: hardwoods, softwoods, and composite woods.

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Hardwoods, such as teak, ash, maple, or oak tend to endure greatly, making the furniture last even for generations when being maintained properly. Meanwhile, softwoods are not as sturdy and robust as hardwoods, although they can also last for a very long time as long as the piece of furniture made from them is properly cared for.

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Popular softwoods include cypress, cedar, and pine. On the other hand, the composite woods are the cheapest and least durable. Hence, a piece of furniture made from composite woods is never recommended, especially if it is going to be used to hold heavy items just like a media dresser.

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Typically, a media dresser for bedroom is taller so that the TV placed atop its surface can be visible even when it’s watched from the bed. Even so, your choice always depends on your need. If you plan to place the TV or any media device around the bedroom lounge area instead, then you may need to adjust the height of the dresser so the TV will not be positioned too high or too low. Media dresser for bedroom is mainly designed for and focused on those who want to have any media device in their room.