Oster BLSTMB-BBG-000 Countertop Blender Black Review Pros Cons

Precision is not something that one will easily find in a blender used for domestic purposes. Yet, this particular countertop blender offers such functionality. The most notable feature of this blender is its Smart Settings. Just by pressing one button, the user only needs to step back and watch the blender doing all the blending work.

It is equipped with seven-speed variants which are helpful for people who utilize a blender to process varied kinds of food ingredients. In addition to blending, this blender can chop, mince, mill, and crush ingredients with relative ease.

Oster BLSTMB-BBG-000 Countertop Blender Black Review Pros and Cons

It is a rather sizeable blender, measured at 10 x 11.2 x 13.6 inches. The entire package weighs about 10.3 pounds. When purchasing its package, the user will be getting a 6-cup glass pitcher, 1200-watt motor base, blades, cups, and lids for the pitcher and cups. Its material is a combination of BPA-free plastic and glass.

Oster BLSTMB-BBG-000 BLENDER, 1, Black

The interface offers several menus, including speed variants, frozen ingredients processing, milkshakes, pulsing, and chopping. It is also equipped with a safety feature in the form of red flashing light when the device is ready to operate. Here are several considerations before purchasing Oster BLSTMB-BBG-000 Countertop Blender Black.


  1. The pitcher and cup have a big capacity for more efficient food processing.
  2. It offers high precision for an avid cooker who works with different ingredients.
  3. The motor has high power which is capable of processing food quickly.
  4. Its blade mechanism helps to break down ingredients in a quick manner.
  5. The Smart Settings enables the user to process food automatically.
  6. Most of the parts can handle treatment in dishwasher with some precautions.


  1. It requires a high power supply (1200 watt) which might not be available in all households.
  2. Some users reported that the blade parts break after a while.
  3. There might be leakage when processing liquid close to the maximum limit.