Oval Marble Dining Table Designs – Which One Is your Favorite?

Considering stylish dining room can be determined by the use of dining table and the elegant dining table can be found in an oval marble dining table. As people know, marble is one of the most favorite materials in the kitchen furniture. For the table itself, marble can be combined to other materials. If rectangular dining table is too common, people usually come to an oval shape. The oval table fits every style. There are also many designs available in the market to suit the personal style.

LexMod Lippa 60 inch Oval-Shaped Artificial Marble Dining Table in White

Best References for Oval Marble Dining Table

For those who have a limited budget, there are still some options in purchasing new dining table. One of them is to check several shops and compare them to find what store that has the cheapest price tag among all. Do not also forget to check the complete specification of the table. It is used to make sure that the table is not only cheap but also good in quality. In the case of oval marble dining table for sale, you may find your style on Amazon. For the design, marble countertop which combines metal steel as frame and legs is gorgeous. Set it also with the matching dining chair.

LexMod Lippa 54 Oval-Shaped Artificial Marble Dining Table in White

Beside combination with other materials, two colors in one set will be very stunning. Marble countertop with wooden legs is mixed with blue navy covering on the chair back and cushion. It is very nice to combine this oval white marble dining table with classic dining room with vague gray and white walls as well as darker wooden flooring.

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ReadBest Classical Marble Dining Table This Year

For the perfect chic dining room, the owner can put dining table as the center of interest in the room. In the contemporary dining room, black marble is combined with the black chair which is very suitable. The liquored surface finish also completes the table to be more durable rather than using the natural stone.

Oval Marble Tulip Top Dining Table

Mid Century Modern Eero Saarinen Tulip Style Oval 67 x 43 Carrara Marble Dining Table

Liquored finish itself is made of marble and resin to make the modern marble composites. As it has stated, oval marble can combine both in traditional and modern dining room. In classic dining table, people can mix with yellow patterned wall and chair with round back with matching the color. Traditional candlesticks are also adorned in the center of the table to evoke the classic vibe. Another oval marble top dining table design can be found in this idea.

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The dark walnut seems to be bold in any modern dining room. It is also completed with genuine marble top in ivory. It looks like an epic combination since the dining table is designed in sleek and contrast look of the two colors. To be a perfect package, the chair cushion is wrapped significantly with leather upholstery in the same dark walnut palette. In the edge of the table has secure piece for more appealing and safety features on the table.

Mid Century Modern Eero Saarinen Tulip Style Oval 78 x 47 Carrara Marble Dining Table

Some people may also be familiar with oval marble tulip dining table. The oval table is designed with one leg that wider in the bottom. It is like blooming like a tulip. Beside the tulip, the thick rectangular base leg can be found in the market beside the use of marble as the countertop. Those have been the best references to find which one would be the most stylish design of oval marble dining table.