Philip Reinisch Curio Cabinets: 5 Most Recommended Items You Will Love

People do not need to worry when purchasing new curio cabinets to fill a space in the room. There is Philip Reinisch curio cabinets that can be relied upon. It has been over 80 years and the brand provides tons of stunning cabinet to give every people’s home and impressive. Its breakthrough, quality, and function can be customized to the desired since various designs are available. The brand itself has some collection such as American Life Folio, Art works, Color Time, Halo, Lighthouse, Museum, Power, and so on. Let us see what the most recommended collections are offered in Wayfair.

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Auberge Curio Cabinet

Recommended Philip Reinisch Curio Cabinets at Wayfair

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Encore II Curio Cabinet

The first is Color Time Console Cabinet which costs $650 – $700. The cabinet is perfect for cottage or country style with features of distressed finish, halogen lights, and black back color. The material itself is solid wood with hardwood detail, and it has two shelves in the interior. Overall, the dimension is 43” H x 38” W x 16” D with 86 lb. weight. As it is covered in wood construction, the company gives the shelves a glass material to evoke a spacious and lightweight impression. The Philip Reinisch curio cabinet for sale is really great in place in color selection of chestnut, chili pepper red, pirate black, and sand shell white.

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Octave Eight-Shelf Corner Curio Cabinet

There is also Color Time Monterey curio cabinet which is priced at $900 – $1,200. It seems to be similar to the previous one design. The difference lies on the size only maybe. It has standard design with the size of 58” H x 40” W x 14” D and 166 lb body weight.

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It is great for those who need more storage for the treasure items. It fits too to the cottage or country concept. The Philip Reinisch company curio cabinet also involves halogen light, splayed feet, reversible back, and solid northern hardwood construction with total of three shelves in the interior.

Philip Reinisch Oak Corner Curio Cabinet

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Octave III Eight-Shelf Curio Cabinet

Auburge Corner Curio Cabinet can be considered as the next recommended furniture for another option of Philip Reinisch corner curio cabinet. It looks amazing with the offered price of $900 – $1150. The character is powerful with the distinctive design of curved right-to-left glass door to give it elegance. Available in three colors like old oak, candlelight cherry, and black, the cabinet is involved five glass shelves, mirrored back, interior lighting, and great value. The cabinet is coming with fully assembled items so the customers can easily put and place the glass shelves as they want and it would be one of the great offers.

Philip Reinisch Halo Gemini II Curio Cabinet

Beside the Philip Reinisch oak curio cabinet, more offers are in Color Time Vista Display Stand. With the price of $900 – $ 1250, the customer can bring it home with some greatness. The design is quite simple with same traditional style and crown molding. It is made of solid wood specifically hardwood detail. The size is in standard design with dimension of 80” H x 28” W x 16” D and 88 lb. weight. The company also provides halogen lighting inside, three adjustable glass shelves, spool bun feet, and one door two knob style.

Philip Reinisch Color Time Barlow Display Console, Sandshell White

The last but not least is in Halo Gemini Curio Cabinet. It is priced at $800 – $900 with metallic espresso finish. It is claimed to be very nicely designed. It looks fabulous with two sliding doors, adjustable glass shelves, plate glass mirror at the back, hand rubbed, and polished finish. Moreover, halogen light is also attached to Philip Reinisch curio cabinets.