Pop Up Trundle Bed Frame for Flexible Interior Arrangement

The trundle bed is the perfect furniture for your house if you have many guesses or rent your bed occasionally for travelers. It does not take a lot of space and can be stored easily. The most common one is the slider trundle, but there is also pop up trundle bed frame type that’s becoming more and more popular for sleepover uses.

Sometimes, you and your guests are not comfortable sleeping near floor level. If this is the case, pop up trundle is the solution. Trundle bed frames are designed to support the heavy mattress and the person sleeping on it, so you don’t have to worry that it will collapse and break.

Pop up Trundle Bed Frame for Day Bed and Regular Bed

Coaster Daybed Pop-Up Trundle Frame and Rail Twin

The pop-up trundle that circulates in markets is pop up trundle bed frame twin. The twin size makes it very compact and easy to store under existing bed. This is also the ideal size for mattresses for guests, as too large beds are not practical and not easy to move around and store. The material for the bed frame is usually also very simple for easy portability, so it can only hold one mattress. These trundle bed frames are practically unbreakable as long as you don’t jump on it.

Twin Size Black Metal High Riseer Bed Frame With Pop Up Trundle

Besides used as the emergency bed for guests, there is another popular use of trundle bed frame pop up, which is to use it regularly. Some people that live in the city have small living space, like studio apartments, and don’t have the space for large queen size or king size beds.

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ReadTrundle Bed Frame Collections : Guide’s Pick

This can be solved with a pop-up trundle that can be collapsed and store under your twin bed for other activities in your house. At night after you are done with the daily activities, you can take out and set up your pop up trundle to make it as a queen or king size bed for you and your partner.

High Rise Twin Bed Frame with Pop Up Trundle

White Metal 39 inch Twin Size Pop Up Trundle For Daybeds

The bed frame that is used to store pop up trundle under it is usually high rise. If the pop-up trundle is pulled out, combine the high rise bed frame with pop up trundle and there you have your king size bed. This set up is useful and flexible. When you have your guests, you can have a king size bed.

Black Metal Twin Size Day Bed Top Bed with Pop Up Trundle

If you are alone, you can use your high rise bed frame just for you. This kind of idea is becoming increasingly popular with so many designers trying to design collapsible and flexible spaces. This one is usually applied in small apartments or the expensive areas at the middle of the city.

Brown Metal Twin Size Miami Day Bed Frame With Metal Slats and Pop Up Trundle

The most popular design for pop up bed frame is, of course, the metal twin bed frame with pop up trundle. The reason behind this is simple enough because metal is stronger than wood so that it can bear more load. Another reason is its lightness. Therefore, the setup is easy. Many manufacturers create a metal pop-up trundle with ornaments such as swirls and lines, which make them gorgeous and not cheap. These beds reminded us of the metal beds from the 1800’s and 1900’s eras when there used to be a metal bed boom.