Queen Size Bunk Bed Frame: Metal vs Wood Material Pros and Cons

Just like any regular bed, bunk beds are also typically made from either wood or metal, regardless of its size. Each of those material options has its own pros and cons, although both of them are popular and still used for one main reason: their strength.

Below, we have prepared the ideas and references of queen size bunk bed frame along with the important things you need to know about each material prior buying. Considering the size of the queen bunk bed, it goes without saying that sturdiness, durability, and strength makes a very critical aspect to consider.

Queen Size Bunk Bed Frame Materials

ACME Furniture 37720 Brantley Bunk Bed Sandy Black and Dark Bronze Hand-Brushed Queen over Queen

Although our focus is on the queen bunk bed for sale, apparently the queen over queen bunk beds is not that common to find. Rather, you can still find options with a standard queen sized bed on the bottom, such as the Denny twin XL over queen bunk bed in white from Furniture of America. Such queen size bunk bed frame plans will make an even more ideal choice of a bunk bed to use in a guest room if you do not wish the adult guests feel less comfortable during sleeping due to the smaller size of the bed.

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1. Metal Bunk Bed Frame

With metal queen size bunk bed frame, you can thus enjoy the generally modern and contemporary look. Metal bed frame is constructed from metal rods, wrought iron, or steel tubes. In terms of design, the tubular one makes the most common choice on the market. Such design is the reason why the metal bunk beds in general are lighter compared to wood, making them an ideal choice if you move the furniture a lot.

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To find the quality metal bunk bed frame, look for one that is coated with powder-coated finish. This finish is relatively tougher compared to the conventional paint. Plus, it also provides a much better protection and resistance toward chipping, rust, scratching, and UV damage even if it is queen size bunk bed frame for sale.

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Queen and King Size Bunk Beds Frame Ideas for Adults

2. Wooden Bunk Bed Frame

Claren Black Metal Finish Dual Queen Size Bunk Bed

Wood, on the other hand, remains as the most preferred choice of material for bed or bunk bed frame, including the queen bunk beds for adults. Wooden bunk beds are available in a wide array of shapes, arrangements, and styles, thus offering you even more options to consider. In addition to that, there are also several variants of woods used in making the bunk beds.

Maple is the traditionally favorite choice ever since the early Colonial era. Heavy and hard, maple also has a high resistance to wear and abrasion. Due to the quality, this wood variant is also preferred among the king size bunk bed frame ideas. There are oak, cherry, walnut, or rubberwood too—each of them is unique but also known for their quality.

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Today, we can even find the engineered wood for queen size bunk bed frame too, which is as sturdy as the natural woods and even better, it’s environmentally friendly. It is because of how engineered or manufactured wood can also be made by recycling materials.