Red Rugs for Bedroom with Different Types of Weaves

Red rugs for bedroom can be made from assorted materials like sisal, seagrass, jute, and others. Those three fibers used to make red bedroom rugs will create tough and durable covers for our bedroom floor.

Compared to sisal and seagrass, bedroom rugs that are made from jute are much softer but the rug for bedroom that is made from sisal is strongest one. Even though they are not softer than bedroom rugs that are made from cotton and wool since wool and cotton are best fibers for rugs, their quality is awesome.

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If you love red area rug for bedroom that is made from cotton or wool you may not able to achieve bedroom rugs made from the three fibers above. But if you have wool allergies the three fibers for bedroom rugs above are the best.

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But the three fibers used to make bedroom area rugs will darken when you expose them to the direct sunlight. You must also treat those rugs for bedroom by not exposing them to the moisture for long time periods since it is hard to remove the stains.

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Next fibers that are used to make red rugs for kids bedroom are viscose and silk. These fibers usually are combined with the wool but sometimes are used alone to make bedroom rugs.

The sheen of these fibers is able to complete our rugs with highlights also give the design a definition. Finally, there are bedroom rugs that are made from polypropylene.

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Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber; it is resistant to stain since it repels water and stains. Bedroom rugs made from polypropylene are perfect for outdoor and for kids’ bedroom. Do not clean rug from polypropylene with dry cleaning since the solvents will swell polypropylene.

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Weaves of the Remarkable Red Rugs for Bedroom

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Bedroom rugs come in assorted types of weaves. First type is the hand knotted weaves. To create bedroom rugs with hand knotted weaves the maker needs to spend lots of time so that he can produce the best bedroom rug with hand knotted weaves.

Yarns will be knotted around the pairs of the warp yarns which run length of rug, this will create pile. More knots for each square inch will add more value and durability to the rug. The knots of red rugs for bedroom apartments come in two options: Turkish and Persian. Persian knot usually is asymmetric also open to the left or to the right.

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Next type of bedroom rugs’ weaves is the tufted weaves. Tufted weaves can be made by machine or by hand. To make the smooth pile surface the yarn loops will be pulled through backing material and then will be sheared. Another cloth layer will be added to back of rug in order to hold loops in its place. The red rugs for bedroom decorating usually combine loops and tufting in order to create the dimensional effects.

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Some other bedroom rugs have hooked weaves. Just like the production of tufted bedroom rug, the production of hooked bedroom rugs is started with the yarns that are pulled through backing. And then another cloth layer will be added to back in order to hold loops in its place.

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But unlike the tufted bedroom rugs, pile of the hooked red rugs for bedroom is left looped, not cut. Before purchasing red rugs for bedroom we need to check the durability and quality of the rug, also the types of weave to get the right one for our bedroom.