Round Marble Dining Table for Expressive Room

The dining room places to enjoy meals, so the furniture should support such purpose. You can use round marble dining table with attractive design. There are many reasons why round table is suitable for dining room, especially the one which is made of marble. Roundtable creates the flexible and modern atmosphere.

Acme 17148 Britney Marble Top Dining Table White 54 Inch

You may see similar table in restaurants. You can put this table in one spot then move again to others to support your preference. This is original background and source why round table is familiar as home furniture. At the store, you will find many designs with their characteristic and benefits. Some of them may fit your room, so be careful when buying.

The Designs for Round Marble Dining Table

Round Dining Table with Marble Top in Espresso Finish

Two common designs for marble round dining table are single and multi-stand below the surface. A single stand is preferable due to more space to let your feet relaxed during dining. The design for this table consists of two parts: countertop or table surface with round shape. Today, you will find some variations of this part and not purely circle.

Hillsdale Monaco Round Faux Marble Top Dining Table

Oval is good shape because you will get more space on two sides. The next part is single stand to hold the surface part. Manufacturers use the durable material because the pressure will be focused on one point at the center. Besides, the surface balance is the key to keeping table at a stable state.

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ReadBest Classical Marble Dining Table This Year

To reduce high pressure, at the bottom of the stand, the shape is transformed into wider form. You know the pressure will go higher on the small surface, so using more extensive design at the bottom part will help to ease the force.

LexMod Lippa Artificial Marble Dining Table in White

Multi stands in the roundtable are the second layout. The manufacturer uses the stands more than three to hold the surface. It is similar to the regular table, but round shape is used as the countertop. Instead of focusing pressure at one point, this design will give equal force into four areas. From top to bottom, the pressure is received evenly. As similar to single stands, this table can be moved quickly, but less flexible. You can find round marble dining table set with four stands at the store.

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Round Dining Table Set With Marble Top

Eero Saarinen Style Tulip Dining Table with White Marble Top

Another consideration when buying round marble top dining table set is color. Two major colors for dining room are dark and bright tones. You should match the color with overall room decoration, particularly for wall and floor. Dark color for this table is rare to use, but still possible to improve the atmosphere. Typical color is the white or bright type. Other kinds include brown, gray, blue, green, and yellow. The key part in choosing color is about room style.

Dorel Living Faux Marble Top Dining Table Set

Round dining table with marble top is not standalone furniture because you need chairs to complete it. The simplest thing is buying the complete set from the store. You will save time and money than the design is exactly similar to the table itself. Some matters should be considered when deciding to use chairs. Firstly, the amount of seat should fit the table size. You can put odd of even numbers of chair around the table. The standard number is four, but five to eight are still eligible. Chair color might be similar to different, but not the contrast one. You cannot use the dark chair for bright round table and vice versa.