Safest Bunk Beds to Offer You Worry-Free Bedroom Set

Talking about bunk beds, what do you have in mind? Well, some people will ask about the recommended age for bunk beds as people think their kids are just too small or too big for bunk bed. Actually, some toddlers are already put in the bunk beds while they’re sleeping. And what happens if the bunk beds collapse? Actually, that kind of situation sometimes happens. If the bunk beds aren’t good enough in the matter of safety and quality, then there might be some possibilities of collapsing. And now, what are the safest bunk beds that can be purchased? These are two recommended options for safe bunk bed.

Safest Bunk Beds for Your Kids from Amazon

1. Coaster Bunk Bed with Tent and Slide Multicolor

Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent Multicolor

When you choose a bunk bed for your kids, you must think about the condition and the safety of the bunk bed. Can bunk beds collapse? This question often comes to parent’s mind. And the answer is NO if you choose to purchase this bunk bed. Not only get safety, can your kids also have fun with it. This multicolor bunk bed coming with tent and slide is crafted in the sturdy steel tubing.

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Not only that, it’s also styled based on colorful children’s theme. The complete set of this safe bunk bed for kids is underneath tent, side ladder, and also the fun slide. For toddlers or kids that love to have imaginative games in their bedroom, this bunk bed is perfect choice. It’s built to be long lasting for many years. If it’s put to be the addition to the children’s bedroom, this bed not only becomes safest bunk beds for toddlers, but also the most fun bunk bed for toddlers and kids.

The bed mattress is sold separately unfortunately. And the dimension of this bunk bed is 115 inches L, 100 inches W, and 50 inches H. The style types are divided into 4 types. The materials to construct this bunk bed are metal, polyester, and cloth. The available colors are red, or blue, or yellow. The finish is gloss paint.

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Safest Bunk Beds for Kids for Sale

2. South Shore Imagine Collection Loft Bed in Morgan Cherry

South Shore Loft Bed Imagine Collection Morgan cherry

The next choice of safest bunk beds for kids is from South Shore! If you have a small room, this bunk bed is the perfect solution. It can optimize your child bedroom which is small in size. It’s been designed to be both practical and safe. It’s equipped with much storage space. It’s composed of chest that has 3 drawers, one storage unit with door, and top bed with the ladder included.

There are also toy boxes as well as drawers. Some additional items can be purchased for the use of the bed in order to get extra functions. If you choose safest Bunk Beds from South Shore for your kids or toddlers, you have nothing to worry about since it’s constructed by solid wood and it’s very sturdy. The warranty which is given for you by the manufacturer is 5 year warranty. The finish is Morgan cherry but if you don’t like the color, you can choose white for the finish.