Sauder Nightstand Oak Choices to Opt For

Among many Sauder nightstand oak options you can consider, it is Sauder Nightstand Craftsman Oak to count on. If you love something ordinary, you can choose this style. It has bold style and it makes a bold statement of depth and strength. It comes from Dakota Pass collections.

The features include warm and distresses oak craftsman finish and it has engineered wood. The wood is environment friendly and pleasing aesthetically. There is also an open shelf that provides extra space. The drawers feature runners in metal and there is safety stops that features in patented T-lock system.

Some Recommended Sauder Nightstand Oak

Sauder Orchard Hills Night Stand Carolina Oak Finish

The next recommendation of Sauder nightstand oak bedside is Sauder Night stand Carson Forge. The price is in discount, so you can save more or less $30.00 and this is sold for $100 – $200. You can elevate the bedroom’s look with classic contemporary and clean style of the rich and cherry that is finished nightstand. This Sauder nightstand oak comes with sturdy wood for the construction. What else the features of this Sauder nightstand? Let’s discuss it one by one then.

Sauder Carson Forge Nightstand in Coffee Oak

The first feature of this Sauder nightstand oak for bedroom is the finish. It has cherry finish in Rich Washington. And this Sauder nightstand oak has ample space that is placed under the drawers.

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What about the drawers? They come with metal runners and stops that feature with patented assembly T-lock system. There is also an assembled dimension. It is 18 4/5 inch wide, 16 inches deep and 24 1/5 high. The hardware is assembly only.

Dark Sauder Salt Oak Nightstand

Sauder Shoal Creek Night Stand, White

If you don’t like Sauder nightstand oak and black, you can choose another color. For example, there is Sauder Orchard Hills Nightstand. You can get this nightstand only with $100 – $200. This Sauder nightstand oak will make a better way and offer new better value of course for your better living.

Sauder 418705 Furniture, Night Stand, Salt Oak

The features provided by this Sauder nightstand are very affordable and practical. Also, the features are enduring and attractive. There will be solutions for your need about furniture. It is well crafted, priced home moderately, and there are office computer desks. There is also TV Stand as well as bookcases.

Harbor View Night Stand Salt oak

So, talking about the Sauder salt oak nightstand above, these are the features. First, Sauder nightstand oak has some drawers which feature with safety stops and metal runners. Also, the product is made of sturdy wood. The finish is Carolina Oak. And there is an open shelf which will provide extra space as well. There is easy and quick assembly with drawer system that is patented with T-lock style. It is 20.74 inches wide, 22.76 high and 15.35 inches deep.

Sauder Cannery Bridge Nightstand in Lintel Oak

The last is Sonoma Sauder Nightstand. Usually, it is sold for $100 – $200. It is very much simple, with 2 drawers and minimalist look. This nightstand has maximum storage with the ability of reorganizing your bathroom. It is trendy and attractive. If you want to feel luxurious millwork, this is the solution. Sauder nightstand oak has strong material and constructed of woods which are laminated with strong MDF backer. It has finish in black, maple, espresso, etc.