What Size Fan for Bedroom: The Buying Guides

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To circulate the room, you need a ceiling fan. And to get the right size of the ceiling fan, especially to find out what size fan for bedroom correctly, it’s not difficult. Before going further, you need to know the function of the ceiling fan. It is to circulate the air in the room. Unlike the AC which chills the air, ceiling fans will push it around. So, it’s useful for heating and cooling. Here are some guides when you ask the right size of fan for the bedroom.

What Size Fan for Bedroom? Here Are the Guides

1. The size of the ceiling fan does matter

Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Getting the most out of the ceiling fan; first you need to select the right size. For example, the ENERGY STAR has made these following recommendations for a ceiling fan diameter:

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a. Rooms with 75 square feet is 29-36 inches

b. Rooms with 76-144 square feet is 36-42 inches

c. Rooms with 144-225 square feet is 44 inches

d. Rooms with 225-400 square feet is 50-54 inches

2. The ceiling fan’s height also matters

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When you select the new ceiling fan or when you replace the ceiling fan, you must keep in your mind that ceiling height is crucial. Deciding what size ceiling fan for bedroom is not only about width but also height. The ideal height of the fan for your bedroom is more or less 8 feet.

And many fans have multiple mounting choices that allow them to work in almost everywhere including the bedroom. You must measure the ceiling height to determine mounting options which will work very best for the bedroom you have.

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What Size Ceiling Fan for A Bedroom

3. The blades of the ceiling fan also matters

Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

What size ceiling fan for a bedroom is not the only question, furthermore the blades of the ceiling fan. The look of the ceiling fan’s blade is more about the design feature rather than the matter of utility and efficiency. The ability of the fan to move the air will be determined by the blades’ pitch. So, you need to pick one which you like best. Many of the fans come with the reversible blades. So, if you’re tired of 1 finish, you could reverse them.

4. The finish or the fan style matters

There are endless or arrays of the ceiling fans. Most fans are equipped with adjustable speeds as well as the reverse airflow function for helping with the heating during the cooler month. And here are some types of the shades:

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a. alabaster glass

b. frosted glass

c. seeded glass

And here are some finishes: mink, antique bronze, java, natural, white, auburn, black, polished pewter, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, matte black, etc.

5. The accessories of the fan

Besides finding out the size, to determine the accessories are also important. The accessories will enhance the fan. And the accessories include: downrods, angled ceiling adapter, remote control, pull chain, and light kits.

6. The installation

For the easy installation, you can look for the pre assembled fans. And it refers to the manufacturer’s instruction which is manual for the directions which are step by step, caution and warning information. To get proper fan is not merely about what size fan for bedroom but also other aspects

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