Small Golden Oak Nightstand and How to Choose the Right Piece

Before you finally go to the market for a new small golden oak nightstand, there are some important considerations you need to know in order to help you find the right nightstand. Well, if you think a nightstand can be any small table to be placed next to your bed, you can be wrong here, since the function and presence of this bedroom furniture piece are so crucial and can always make a significant difference in your boudoir. Well, without further ado, here are some great tips to help you choose the right nightstand in general. Keep reading!

Buying Small Golden Oak Nightstand

Mantua Rake Style Nightstand Golden Oak Finish

Concerning size, the small oak nightstand will be a perfect fit if your bedroom has limited space for you to plan. When space is tight, a small nightstand can easily be an excellent choice to help you optimize the available space without having to stuff an item of furniture too bulky for your bedroom. However, bear in mind that with a small nightstand, this also means a smaller surface area.

Forest Designs Bullnose 2 Drawer Nightstand Golden Oak

Remember the height of your small golden oak nightstand too. The general rule of thumb says that the height of your nightstand ideally matches that of your mattress.

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Hence, when you opt for a low-profile platform bed, pair it to a low nightstand. On the other hand, your tall sleigh bed is supposed to be matched with a tall nightstand. This is to ensure your convenience and the ease to reach for the items you place on the table. In any case, the height of your nightstand is to be about a few inches of the level of surface you sleep at.

Small Golden Oak Nightstand for Sale

The storage space is also an important consideration when you are buying a nightstand. For your small golden oak nightstand, this may also mean space you can optimize to prevent items from cluttering your little nightstand top. Plus, clutters are always a big no when it comes to your designing a truly comfortable bedroom since this can affect the quality of your sleep time. Always know your storage need first so whether you opt for the nightstand with drawers only, one with open shelves, or a combination of both, your choice will help you create a better bedroom space.

Nightstand in Golden Oak Finish

Mind the design style of your small golden nightstand too. Wood, after all, is suitable not only for the more traditional design style. The key is to make sure that your nightstand has a design style that blends with its surroundings—your bedroom interior style or your existing bedroom furniture design. Hence, if your room is designed in a traditional style, opt for a golden oak nightstand that will fit the scene. But if you have a more modern bedroom, opt for an oak nightstand with the more simplistic design style and no elaborate detailing.

Forest Designs Mission Oak Three Drawer Nightstand Golden Oak

As you may have known, your nightstand can also be a part of bedroom furniture set. This makes a more practical solution since this means you can coordinate your small golden oak nightstand with the rests of your bedroom furniture pieces, thus saving you from the hassle of mixing and matching every furniture item for a cohesive look.