Sofa Bunk Bed for Sale: the Best Two You Better Keep Your Eyes On

There are various ways you can make your home design look amazing and interesting. One of them would be to use 2 in 1 furniture in it. Watching TV in living room for example, would be nice and relaxing by sitting on sofa.

However, you must have ever wanted to lie down while doing so, right? If that is the case then, why not looking for sofa bunk bed for sale? We’ve got the best two to consider.

The Doc as the Best Sofa Bunk Bed for Sale

The first convertible sofa bunk bed for sale we are referring to here is the best known of all. Going by the name Doc Space Saving System, this one has regular couch converted into a two-level bunk bed. The Resource Furniture manufacturing this furniture, makes this furniture looks like normal sofa at first glance. However, it is not the sofa is all about only. You can turn it into a bunk bed to use.

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This is possible by simply lifting the parts upwards. Transforming sofa bunk bed for sale will never be a pain with the Doc here. Not to mention, the two beds are already there with separate mattresses. There are even safety rails and built-in ladder as well. Each bed might be enough for 1 person only, but wouldn’t it be fancy to have such furniture at home? There is no work and assembly needed. Even the frame is durable with steel material.

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The Coupe Sofa as another Sofa Bunk Bed

The second sofa that turns into a bunk bed for sale we have here goes by the name the Coupe Sofa. This sofa is just like the Doc before. It is double duty living room furniture where it starts as a couch. It sits up to 3 people and if you want to lie down, you can always turn it into a bunk bed too. What’s different here is that you need to put some work to get the bunk bed ready. It is pretty easy though.

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So, there should be no need for you to worry. To get this couch bunk bed for sale transformed, you need to remove the backrest cushion first. Then, lift up the seating surface and get the integrated metal structure folded. With that, you get bunk bed ready to lie down on. It is complete with mattresses, guard rails, ladder, and sturdy frame too. It makes another nice choice besides the Doc, indeed. The upholstery is ready in various colors too.

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There you go. Those are the two best options of sofa bunk bed for sale we suggest here. They are pretty much similar to each other, although we can see ourselves that the system is handier in the Doc. Still, the Doc is known for being the priciest of all. If you opt for more inexpensive choice but don’t mind with the work you need to do to set the bed, the Coupe Sofa might be the best for you.

Sofa bunk bed for sale has the Doc and the Coupe Sofa as its two best options to choose. With practically easy setup, couch can be converted into bunk bed.