Solid Cherry Bedroom Furniture and General Buying Guideline

The solid cherry bedroom furniture is a popular choice when it comes to solid wood furniture set. It is both durable and beautiful, so it is not surprising to see many solid cherry wood furnishings are passed down through generations.

When you are on the market for new cherry wood furniture for your bedroom, we have some great tips that will be really helpful to guide you. Keep reading!

Finding the Right Solid Cherry Bedroom Furniture

  1. Cherry Wood Color

Whether you are looking for the new or antique sold cherry colored bedroom furniture, it’s always helpful to take a look at the furniture color. From this aspect alone, you can already decide if the furniture you’re about to buy is real or fake.

Furniture of America Corvallis Nightstand, Cherry

Cherry wood starts out naturally as a warm and light, pinkish color, especially when it’s still new and hasn’t been exposed to natural light. The darker color appears eventually after time, showing the sign of aging as the wood absorbs light. The darker and deep reddish brown hue is what’s commonly found in cherry wood furniture.

  1. Furniture Finish
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When it comes to making your decision of solid cherry bedroom furniture sets to buy based on its finishing, think about the environment or your bedroom. Thankfully, cherry wood bedroom furniture is often used in an adult bedroom, which uses are unlike those of kid’s room.

Oriental Furniture 26inch Classic Oval Design Nightstand – Cherry

In this case, whatever the choice of finishing does not really matter at all. However, to maintain the color of the cherry wood, it’s best to use the linseed oil finisher instead to help preserve the beautiful color.

  1. Know Your Cherry Wood

If you want only the solid cherry wood bedroom furniture, you definitely need to know what aspects to take into account so you will not be fooled with the fake one or the cherry veneer. In general, the main differences between cherry veneer and solid cherry wood are in terms of aesthetics and durability.

Home Styles Chesapeake Classic Cherry Vanity Bench with Black Vinyl Cushion

Plus, you can always expect that the solid cherry bedroom furniture prices will cost you more expensively. And that is another reason why you should be really careful when shopping for cherry wood bedroom furniture since, again and again, you don’t want to get yourself fooled.

South Shore Axess 5-Shelf Bookcase-Royal Cherry

In general, cherry is a variety of hardwood that is known for its fine and straight grain. The grain ranges widely, starting from blond to reddish brown. This wood variety is often used to make carved chairs. Even so, you can also find cherry wood used as main material in creating Shaker style cabinets and tables, which are known for their clean lines. The beauty of cherry wood color can be enjoyed when it is not stained.

Grain Wood Furniture Shaker Solid Wood Cherry Finish 3-door Wardrobe

If you find small black flecks on the surface of your solid cherry bedroom furniture, you don’t need to worry. They are often the residues of sap and also often considered as a signifier to determine if the wood is genuine or not.

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The flecks happen in all cherry trees and don’t have any effect on the wood’s structural stability. Solid cherry bedroom furniture is known for its durability and beauty, and the quality of authentic solid cherry allows the furniture to be inherited.