Solid Wood Bedroom Sets Perfections and Mixture

The joy and satisfaction that solid wood bedroom sets give are definitely one of a kind. The chore of finding the right furniture is simply made simpler when the solid wood furniture is placed at the top priority. Compared to particle board bedroom, the solid wood is the best option. Start with the quality where solid wood is way much better in quality and durability. It is sturdy, has a beautiful natural look and can be turned to any designs quickly.

The Sizes of Solid Wood Bedroom Sets

High-quality solid wood bedroom with the stunning sturdiness that lasts for years is too good to be ignored. Like the other bedroom sets, this quality furniture comes up with various sizes. Start with solid wood bedroom sets king size. With no covered up imperfections, this biggest size of the bedroom is stunning and ideal for the master suite.

Best types of wood to build the custom majestic king size bed are oak and teak. These woods are the best in quality. They have long lifespan reaching up to 30-50 years. The natural pattern of these woods is somewhat beautiful and authentic.

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Roundhill Furniture Calais Solid Wood Bedroom Sets ConstructionRoundhill Furniture Calais Solid Wood Construction Bedroom Set

As for the guest room, the suitable option is solid wood bedroom sets queen size. It is a bit smaller compared to king size, but it is still very comfortable to sleep on by two adults. And when it comes in a set, other furniture like dressers, table and bookshelves are also made from solid wood.

The overall look is fantastic. With natural veneer both bright and dark palette, the bedroom furniture sets are perfect to complement the modern contemporary design of which sleek and bold.

Solid Wood Bedroom Vanity Furniture Sets

Although solid wood bedroom furniture sets are comprised of somewhat thicker wood, cut it doesn’t change the fact that the furniture is ideal for any size of bedroom space. A small size bedroom still has the same chance to have this set as a focal point in the room.

Roundhill Furniture Emily 111 Contemporary Wood Bedroom Set with BedRoundhill Furniture Emily 111 Contemporary Wood Bedroom Set with Bed

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The offer is simply made better because solid wood is also more environmental-friendly. This type of furniture is fully made from wood without other synthetic materials such as plywood and hardboard. Those synthetic materials are considered harmful.

For cheaper options, manufacturers attach those materials to a thin cut of solid wood using harmful gasses. It often causes allergic reactions, especially for sensitive owners. Imagine if you inhale the harmful gasses every time you lay on the wrong. In the long term, it can cause more health risk.

Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set in Espresso FinishFrenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set in Espresso Finish

Now that the solid wood bed frame has furnished the bedroom, spare space should be designated for solid wood bedroom vanity set. A classic vanity set with medium size mirror and drawers is perfect to be placed in the room. For something more modern, consider vanity set with a unique shape.

As for the finishing, it actually can come unfinished or finished. Since solid wood already has the beautiful natural appearance, it already looks fantastic without any finishing. Unfinished teak wood furniture set, for instance, is looking great on its dark natural palette. Meanwhile, maple wood furniture set looks much better on the bright natural palette.

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