Square Marble Dining Table for 8: Buying Tips for Perfect Table Size

As we all know, there are several critical factors we have to mind when buying a dining room table set. Those include the size and shape of your dining room, as well as how many people you usually serve at once on the table. As for today, we will focus on the square marble dining table for 8 that will make a perfect choice for you whose dining room can accommodate a table of this shape, as well as to seat more people at once. Plus, with the timeless beauty of marble, your dining table can always stand out among the rests!

Choosing the Right Square Marble Dining Table for 8

8 pc Idris collection square espresso finish wood and faux marble top counter height dining table set with leather like vinyl seating

Broadly speaking, the square dining table is an ideal choice for a smaller and/or square room. Opt for the square marble dining table for 8 if you wish to maintain the proportion and balance in your symmetrical square space. Typically, a square dining room table is designed to accommodate four to eight people at once, so the one for 8 may not be difficult for you to find. Plus, it is also to make sure that the table will not end up being too large that it overpowers your dining space, which may end up making the table too awkward instead.

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ReadSquare Marble Dining Table: Ways to Pick the Right Color and Finish

There are some benefits the square dining table can offer to you. One of them is the sense of intimacy, which the traditional rectangular dining room table may not be able to optimize or even offer at all. Just like what a round dining room table can do, people gathering around the square table can have a conversation comfortably. And if you wish to accommodate more people at once but you do it less frequently, two square tables can simply be arranged together to form a rectangular one, or opt for an extendable table instead.

Square Marble Dining Table for 8 for Sale

As we have briefly mentioned before, the number of people to accommodate during meal time makes one of the important considerations when choosing the proper table size. And if you wish to serve 8 people during a meal time, then it is always recommended to opt for a square table which diameter is 72 inches.

Montibello Counter Height Table w Marble Top in Cherry

The smaller diameter may hinder the occupants from sitting comfortable since their knees may bump on each other or tighter space around the table, thus resulting in a cramped feel. However, if the square marble dining table for 8 is for a less formal space, such as your breakfast nook, you can opt for a smaller table or squeeze extra people, although you may still need to be aware of the surroundings.

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Once you’re settled on finding the right square table for 8 people to furnish your dining room, you may still need to consider if marble is the right choice for you or not. The square marble dining table for 8 will always guarantee you the aesthetics, but there are some important considerations about marble due to its nature as a natural stone. Even so, in the end, the choice is always yours to make!