Square Marble Dining Table: Ways to Pick the Right Color and Finish

Square marble dining table is exactly a favorite option to be placed in a dining room. In collaboration with the luxurious material of marble, the dining table looks elegant. This design is suitable for any circumstance whether it is for the small family or a couple.

The marble is a timeless beauty since it has gone through some steps to be the gorgeous stone. Is the marble suitable for all people? Of course, as long as the person can afford it. If the marble is placed in the right place and with regular care, the marble will be a focal point in the dining room.

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How to Select Square Marble Dining Table’s Color and Finish

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Marble is a metamorf stone that contains high concentrate of calcite or dolomite. The marble itself comes from Greek which means luminous or shiny. There are various marbles based on the mineral which gives the stone a certain color and vein.

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A problem that may arise between people in choosing the right marble is not about the square shape actually but in terms of color. They may still confuse about the varieties of colors. To beautify the square marble dining room table, there are various colors from all around the world.

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This happened due to the various corals with unique appeal in the world. It depends on the coral seed size which has many veins. Thus, if there are more heavy coral seeds, then the more colors would be produced. Those popular colors which usually used in square marble top dining table are Carrara, Connemara, Creole, Murphy, Parian, Purbeck, Ruskeala, Sienna, Green Sweden, White Vermount, and Makrana. Carrara is in white or gray from Italy. Connemara is green, from Ireland. Creole is in white, blue or black, from Georgia, United States. Murphy is in white from United States.

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Moreover, Parian is in intense white from Greece. Purbeck from England is in gray or brown. Ruskeala is white from Russia. Sienna is yellow with various nerve colors from Italy. Green Sweden is absolutely green from Sweden. White Vermont is white coming from Vermont, United States. The last is Makrana which is in white from India. Those gorgeous colors can be picked and applied in square marble dining table set. Beside the colors, there are also popular marble finishes that people need to know.

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The first is the matte finish. This surface evokes the smooth texture. It is also used to turn down the color and to hide any scratch in the natural texture. The second option is polished finish. The surface is polished to stand out the color of the stone. However, it is susceptible to appear the scratches. The last is leather finish. This is suitable for the darker shade of marble. It is still stunning since the texture is also smooth. It hides the scratch excellent as well as giving a shine even in square marble dining table for 8.

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After knowing the base color and finish of the marble dining table, people can easily pick the one suit to the personal style and the concept of dining room. It just depends on each individual preference. In case of pros and cons, the colors and finish are all the same. Now you know more on picking the right square marble dining table.