The Best Stand Mixer Review with Pros and Cons

What’s the best between a stand mixer and a hand mixer? It depends on your personal needs and preference, really. Some people dislike the idea of having to hold the mixer while others don’t have any problem with it. Some people may only use the mixer occasionally and they generally don’t spend a long time with it. Some, on the other hand, use the mixer on a daily basis and they deal with a heavy load every time.

The stand mixer can be super handy when you have to deal with a heavy load on every process. And if you require flexible and free mobility, it would be the best pick. A stand mixer is great when you need the batter to be done and yet you can still roam around the kitchen, gathering ingredients or doing other things. So, what is the ideal mixer to choose? Which brand would suit you the best?

Stand Mixer Kitchenaid Pros

If you want to have a reliable and strong kitchen utensil to help you with the batter while allowing yourself to be free doing other things, then the Kitchenaid mixer would suit your needs just fine. Each mixer (variant) has its own unique trait and specialties. But rest assured that durability and heavy-duty capability are among the stand mixer Kitchenaid pros. It means that the mixer is designed to deal with big quantities of ingredients without the possibility of being tangled or stuck.

KitchenAid KSM3311XBM Artisan Mini Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, 3.5 quart, Matte Black

The motor is quite powerful and sturdy – all the ingredients can be mixed well and thoroughly. The stand mixer comes with a bowl that can accommodate 6 quarts of content. If you have a business in this culinary world, this mixer will be quite helpful.

The mixer has the so-called planetary 67-point mixing system which means that the whisk will touch 67 points in the bowl to deliver even and thorough mixing. If you combine the powerful motor and the planetary mixing movements, you can be sure that the batter would be smooth and clean without any lump or unmixed result.

The mixer also comes with various extra fitting options so it is completely flexible. Feel free to adjust it the way you like it for convenient use. The bowl is made from stainless steel and it has handles for easy installation and removal. Attaching the bowl to the stand or removing it won’t be a problem at all. And don’t forget the convenient speed setting to help you with comfortable working enjoyment.

Stand Mixer Kitchenaid Cons

Despite all the greatness and perks of the Kitchenaid mixer, there are also some potential issues that are related to the device. For a starter, the mixer is able to deal with heavy-duty work and it can be used to mix big quantities of ingredients. However, the toll happens to the power. The harder it has to work, the more power it consumes. Basically, the usage of power depends on the general use so when you only use it to mix small quantities, it won’t eat up so much power.

KitchenAid KL26M1XSL Professional 6-Qt. Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer – Silver

Moreover, noise is one of the most notable and visible stand mixer Kitchenaid cons. The mixer isn’t exactly quiet or noiseless so be prepared to deal with the noise. In fact, the heavier your workload is, the noisier it would be. Sure, it will get the job done but it is going to cost you with your hearing.

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Not to mention that some of the gear parts have the combined plastic parts, which is quite unfortunate. If everything is made from stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about a thing. But since it is plastic, it is prone to break and damage, especially during hard work and activities. Broken plastic gears is one of the common complaints made by the buyers.

Stand Mixer Cuisinart Pros

There are so many things to love about the Cuisinart stand mixers. Yes, they are coming in various designs and variants, but they share the same abilities: powerful motor and convenient features that will make mixing a fun activity to do!

As a starter for the Cuisinart pros is the modern-vintage design with3 different colors: red, brushed chrome, and white. There are also other colors but they may not be as popular as the previously mentioned hue. The mixing bowl is wide and generous, allowing you to add ingredients easily or to peek the mixing progress.

Cuisinart SM-55BC 12-Speed Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome

It also has a fat and big handle that enables you to securely scoop the ingredients out. Is it useful for the mixing action? Oh yes, it does help a lot!

The power is nice and strong – it is a guaranteed powerful action. A lot of people have made pasta or bread dough – even the double batch – and they have no problems with the mixing. Not only the mixing process runs fast, but it also delivers without any tangle or stuck.

And the greatest thing about the stand mixer Cuisinart advantages is the quiet feature. Despite the power, the mixer is super quiet. Forget about the airplane landing sound inside the kitchen because such thing won’t happen anymore.

Stand Mixer Cuisinart Cons

When compared to other brands, the color options for Cuisinart are pretty limited with only 3 popular picks. It may not a big deal, but it can be a put off for people who want to get more colors. Moreover, the bottom of the machine has a twisty motion that requires very clean area. If you don’t regularly keep the area clean, the bowl won’t be secured tightly to the machine –and it can be a huge problem for the mixing activity.

Cuisinart SM-50BC 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome, Silver Lining

Another possible stand mixer Cuisinart cons is the fact that you need to use 2 hands to tilt the head back. Yes, the head can move easily and smoothly but you need to use your hands to do it. This may not be a problem but it can be a hassle when your hands are full or one of your hands has dough. It can be complicated when you are holding the spatula too. But in the end, all of these flaws are nothing when compared to the strength offered by the mixer.

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Stand Mixer Hamilton Beach Pros

Hamilton Beach products are also known for their quality performance and also convenient features. If you want a mixer whose parts are dishwasher safe, this one would be right up your alley. Among the many stand mixer Hamilton Beach pros is the sturdy non-slip feet that can hold tightly in place when you put the mixer on the counter or when in use. Not every mixer has it, resulting in them moving around when it is on. But it won’t happen with this mixer because the non-slip feet will make sure that the mixer stays on its place.

Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Electric Stand Mixer with Stainless Steel 3.5 Quart Bowl, Planetary Mixing, Tilt-Up Head (63325), 300 Watt Motor, Black

Not to mention that the speed setting is convenient and adjustable. This feature is important because you need to have convenient and easy time in mixing ingredients for the dough – and without the different speed setting, making the dough would be less comfortable, won’t it? And the heavy-duty dough hook is super convenient for the mixing. You can be sure that it will do the job well although the ingredients are tough. The bowl is also sturdy and solid so mixing can be done without the extra worry.

Let’s not forget that parts that are compatible with the dishwasher are one of the positive traits about the mixer. Not all mixers have the dishwasher-friendly parts so it can be an extra plus point. Basically, if you need to make only a small batch of dough, this mixer will do it in such a satisfying manner.

Stand Mixer Hamilton Beach Cons

Failing to make stiff white eggs is one of the most visible stand mixer Hamilton Beach cons. It is quite surprising, considering that it does well (even impressive enough) in kneading (cookie or bread) dough. But when it comes to make stiff peaks for the egg whites, it fails miserably. Not to mention that the mixer is pretty noisy and it also vibrates a bit. It’s a good thing that the suction feet can hold them all.

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics All-Metal 12-Speed Electric Stand Mixer, Tilt-Head, 4.5 Quarts, Pouring Shield, Red (63232)

The small space between the bowl and the mixer makes it a bit hard to add ingredients or to peek inside the bowl. Not to mention that the size of the bowl is actually smaller when compared to other bowls from other brands.

Stand Mixer Sunbeam Pros

Whereas other mixers are coming with only one mixing bowl (usually in the package), this one from Sunbeam comes with TWO bowls and both of them are made from heavy-duty industrial-grade glass. Not only the mixer is efficient enough to handle basic and every-day task activities, but it is efficient for daily use (whether for cooking or baking). One of the greatest stand mixer Sunbeam pros is the inexpensive tag price.

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According to many users, the mixer is great for mixing cookie dough or other simple and light cooking activities. The mixing bowls are quite impressive. They are completely thick and heavy – perfect for heavy-duty tasks. And they are coming in different sizes so they are very handy for different mixing tasks.

Sunbeam 2594 350-Watt MixMaster Stand Mixer with Dough Hooks and Beaters, Black

The bigger one can handle bigger load while the smaller one is designed for small batch. Moreover, the mixer can handle both wet and dry ingredients quite well, which is quite nice because not all mixers can do both wet and dry stuff well.

The head is easily tilted back so placing the mixing bowl shouldn’t be a problem at all. The same also applies for the attachments – you can remove or insert them without breaking a sweat. The tilting movement is smooth and comfy so it isn’t rough or hard. Whenever you have to place the bowl or you have to insert the attachments, it can be done without any fuss or difficulty.

Stand Mixer Sunbeam Cons

One of the most unfortunate stand mixer Sunbeam cons is the inability to knead bread. This is so bad because such a mixer can do so well in making cookie dough and yet it fails in making bread dough. If you need a mixer for making bread, then this one shouldn’t be on your list. Making stiff peak of the egg white is possible with the smaller bowl although the result may not be as stiff as you want.

Sunbeam 002371-000-NPO MixMaster 350 Watt, White – Soft-Start Technology Stand Mixer

However, if you are using the bigger bowl, the result is soft peak, so the smaller bowl is pretty ideal for the egg white –but don’t get your hopes too high. Basically, if you don’t make bread or you don’t need a complicated device for complicated task, this affordable machine would be quite good for you.

Stand Mixer Kenwood Pros

If you don’t care so much about appearance, this machine has a pretty good function and performance. The design is pretty old-school and vintage. When you compare it to other modern products with their curves and attractive colors, this one may look outdated and old. However, if you care more about function and performance, this one surprisingly is quite good. In fact, it can be compared to Kitchenaid performance because of the quality outcome.

Kenwood KMM021 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine

There are a lot of stand mixer Kenwood pros. For a starter, the motor is solid and robust. You can tell that it is tough as it mixes different ingredients just smoothly and thoroughly. It has a flapped splash guard which can be super useful for adding ingredients. It protects your kitchen from unnecessary spill or coat so you can enjoy clean mixing. The attachments are easily installed or removed – no drama at all.

Stand Mixer Kenwood Cons

Despite all the good stuff offered by this machine, expect some stand mixer Kenwood disadvantages. For instance, the machine has a lot of crannies and nooks, so cleaning can be a bit difficult. But if you have no problem spending extra longer time for the cleaning, then it would be no problem at all.

Kenwood KMC011 5 quart Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine, Stainless Steel

The design is pretty old-school. If you don’t know it, you probably think of it as an old device from your grandma’s time. However, performance can’t lie. If you can see past the physical exterior look, then you can see that the machine is truly promising and impressive.

In the end, the decision to choose the most ideal item depends on you. Just make sure that you have done a thorough and careful research before deciding on anything.