Standard Bedroom Window Size or Custom Bedroom Window Size

What is the standard bedroom window size? Well, windows become the necessity in any house because they, of course, provide lights, and give the homeowners the ventilation. Also, the window can help you with the cooling also heating. Nevertheless, to have an effective window and good looking window, you need to install the right size.

But how will you know what the right size or the standard size for your room, for example, your bedroom? Here are some tips to help you decide the right and the best choice for your window.

The Importance of Knowing Standard Bedroom Window Size

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It is important to know the standard and proper size before installing the ones. The size of the bedroom window is very much important since it will affect the number of lights that will enter the room. Not only that, but it will also affect the heat and the cold that are going to enter as well as leave your bedroom. The north bedroom windows are numerous since it won’t face morning light like the east window, afternoon light like the west window has, and less light like a south window. 

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Besides, you also need to consider the climate of your place where you live. If you have a hot climate, it’s better to choose a smaller window for your bedroom rather than the standard bedroom window size. And it’s better to be placed on the west side for stopping the harsh afternoon sun that enters your home. On the opposite, if you are in the colder climate, then you will need to harvest the heat and the light coming in the south that faces the bedroom window.

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When talking about the window size, including the bedroom window size, there are two kinds or types of sizes: standard bedroom window size and custom size. For the standard size, it will be numerous in the market. You can choose from the smallest one and the standard windows are cheaper rather than the custom size.

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So, it can be said that if you want to have a standard size window for your bedroom, it will be simpler since you can order it from any manufacturers or any suppliers directly.

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But, if you choose the custom size window, you need to work harder since you have to find which manufacturer or supplier that can make the custom window. And, for you who don’t want to have the standard size window, you need to find the larger, or smaller, or bigger, or maybe more attractive window which is different from the standard bedroom window.

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However, compared to a standard size, custom size windows are usually more expensive. A large custom window will cost more than the large standard window. It happens since they are over the standard size, over a certain size, and has a thicker pane of the glass needs that are used. And the custom window for your bedroom will require the heavier gauge lintels for supporting the home.

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In conclusion, it’s up to you to choose the standard bedroom window size or the custom size but keep in mind that you need at least 10% area of your home to be covered by windows.  Standard bedroom window size or custom bedroom window size actually depends on the needs and the want of the homeowners. Get to know this info!