Tall Chests for Bedroom Design and Buying Considerations for You

The chest is one of the most common choices of bedroom storage units. Also often called as chest of drawers, the bedroom chest is especially recommended if your bedroom has a limited floor or vertical space. Unlike a traditional dresser, a chest is not as wide.

It consists of three drawers, or even more, stacked. In some cases, the stack can be almost chest-height, which is the case with the tall chests for bedroom. In short, we can say that the taller the chest is, the more storage spaces it offers. Even so, a chest of drawers typically is unable to provide as much space as the traditional bedroom dresser does.

Finding the Best Tall Chests for Bedroom

How tall you want the chest of drawers for bedroom will always depend on you and your bedroom. Always remember that you should have an accurate measurement of the space where you plan to place the tall chest bedroom furniture before buying.

Sauder Cottage Road 4-Drawer Chest, Soft White finish

It is to help you find the right bedroom chest of the correct size—you definitely will never want to end up buying an item that is too large or too small, right? When taking the measurement, be sure to include the width, height, and depth that will fit the space perfectly.

Sauder Dakota Pass 4-Drawer Chest, Craftsman Oak finish

Plus, consider the placement of the tall chest of drawers for bedroom. Due to the height, you will want to avoid placing it under the window since this definitely will end up blocking the window. Apart from that, the constant exposure to sunlight can also cause any damage to the surface of your bedroom chest of drawer—the color may fade, the wood may crack, and such.

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That being said, aside from taking the accurate measurement to determine the dimension of the chest, you will also consider the bedroom floor plan and any possible architectural structure that may present.

Storkcraft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser, Espresso, Kids Bedroom Dresser with 5 Drawers, Wood and Composite Construction, Ideal for Nursery Toddlers Room Kids Room

And without a doubt, you should determine your budget. Decide on how much you are willing to spend to buy a new bedroom chest of drawers or two. Just because you are looking for the cheap chests for bedroom, it does not mean you should blindly go for the cheapest option. You need to consider the quality of construction too, since it will always affect the sturdiness and longevity of your bedroom chest of drawers.

WLIVE 4 Drawer High Dresser, Drawer Chest, Storage Cabinet with Steel Legs for Home Office

In general, the more expensive something is, the better its quality; this also applies when you are on the market for a new bedroom chest of drawers. Even so, it doesn’t mean you should go for the most expensive one. Rather, think about the best option your budget can afford.

Coaster Chest, Metallic Mercury

And we always recommend you to inspect the quality of construction by touching the chest of drawers by yourself, even though online shopping isn’t a bad idea either—check the return policy to avoid any fuss due to the damage caused by improper handling during delivery or shipment.

Prepac Fremont 5 Drawer Chest, Espresso Brown

Last but not least, think about the design style, color, and whatever that influences the look of your bedroom chest. Whether it is the modern black chests for bedroom or the vintage white painted one, you surely don’t want the unit to look out of place, right?

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Regardless of what design style you prefer, you can always find the right tall chests for bedroom for you! Tall chests for bedroom are a great choice for you whose bedroom is limited in term of floor space as the extra height help you boost the storage capacity.