Toddler Bunk Beds with Slide That You Can Choose Now

Do you have toddlers? Where do they sleep? Well, having a toddler is not an easy job when you want to put them in a certain place to sleep such as the bed. A toddler can enjoy their sleep if she or he is placed in a comfortable place such as bunk bed. There are some toddler bunk beds with slide to offer you a solution. Your toddler can enjoy their time to sleep while having the fun time with the slides. So, let’s check some recommendations of toddler’s bunk bed coming with slides below.

Recommended Toddler Bunk Beds with Slide

1. Twin Tent Loft Bed with White Slide Finish (Blue)

Coaster Kids Oates Lofted Bed with Slide and Tent Twin Size

The design of this toddler loft bed with slide plans is simple yet fun and elegant. The finish of the slide color is white, and the color of the bunk bed is dark blue.

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It features twin size that also comes with the slide as well as the slat kits. The slide is available in the mini size which is cute and fun. It will help your kids to launch out of their bed in the morning.

Twin Tent Loft Bed with Slide Finish White Color Blue

There is also under bed tent that will encourage their creative imagination. They can use the under the bed tent as a hideout when they are playing with friends. The dimension of this bunk bed is 43.25 inch high, 78 inches wide, and 41.25 inch – 91 inches deep. The construction of this children’s loft bed with slide is solid pine wood with the integrated ladder. And the color or the finish is the durable wax finish that will surely protect the surfaces from the wear.

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Kids Toddler Size Loft and Bunk Beds with Slide

2. Powell Princess Castle Bunk Bed with Slide

This toddler size bunk beds with slide are suitable for your daughters. For girls, they will love the pink color it has. It fits perfectly for your little princess. It is like a castle for her. This bunk bed includes slide and tent over the twin bed as well as one covered hideout place under the bed. At the top is also tented with the Princess Tower with the peek through. It folds down the window cover.

Full Low Loft Bed with Panel Headboard in Natural Finish

The finish of this kids loft bed with slide is in white powder coat along with the purple and also pink microfiber fabric tent. The material is 100% polyester. What is good from this bunk bed with slide for toddlers is that it uses the twin size mattress, but unfortunately the mattress is sold separately. This bunk bed only uses the twin size mattress which is 74 to 75 inches long and 37.5 to 38.7 inches wide.

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The bunk bed has been tested, and it’s been certified too by an independent requirements testing laboratory to meet all of the requirements of the ASTM F1 1427-07 as well as U.S CFR 1213 also 1513. And for these toddler bunk beds with slide, it requires self-assembly. Those are two recommended toddlers bunk bed for your toddlers. Which one suits your kid’s need?