Understanding about Bunk Bed Dimensions for Your Room

As what you know, there are various models of bunk bed that influence the size and the bunk bed dimensions of the item. The dimensions for futon bunk, loft bunk, low loft bunk, L-shaped bunk and even standard and triple bunk are different.

However, you can find the item that matches with your room by knowing the dimension of your room too. This is important to calculate about the size for both, room and item because it can help you to decide which one is good for your room.

The Bunk Bed Dimensions

There are three things that you need to mention about for standard bunk bed dimensions. It is about the height, length, and the width. The height offers three different sizes. It is for king model, queen model, and full & twin model. The king model has 8 inches ceiling with A part as 41.5 inches, B side for 40.5 inches, and C with 6 inches.

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The queen model has 9 inches ceiling with A part; 48.5 inches, B for 45.5 inches, and C is same with 6 inches. Then, the last type is the full & twin that is made with the composition size 10 inches ceiling with A, B, and C parts are a little wider than the other two. Those are 53 inches, 53 inches, and 6 inches.

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Then, the length in the D side is 88 inches for king and queen model while it is 83 inches for full & twin model. The width for this standard model is known for E side. The king has 77 inches, queen has 61 inches, full double has 55 inches while the smaller one, twin, is 40 inches.

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This is all the part that you may need to know about. Childrens bunk bed dimensions will definitely different with the standard. It will have smaller dimension indeed. Even so, you still need to know about some additional part.

When you are measuring the size with this dimension, you have to know that this dimension does not include the additional item like mattress. Thus, you have to be careful when measuring the item. You need to add around 10 inches for you will add mattress in the height dimension. Then, you need to add additional range for length and width. It is around 2.5 inches for it will be used for guard rails. These two tips are valid for any size and model of the items including full size bunk bed dimensions.

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We have known about the dimensions for the standard version while the loft bunk model may have different composition. The height for loft model is different for king size, queen size, and full 7 twin size. The king size height is 8 inches with A and B part as 41.5 inches and 50.5 inches.

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Then, the queen size has 9 inches for ceiling. The A and B parts are 48.5 inches and 55.5 inches while the full & twin size offers 10 inches. Queen bunk bed dimensions length, known for C part, is 80 inches which is the same with king size while the twin & full size has 75 inches.

The width of the bunk bed dimensions is different. The king size width or D part is 77 inches. The queen size is 61 inches. The full double size is 55 inches and the twin is 40 inches. The regulation that works for this is also same just like before. You need to add more numbers of heights for mattress. Just it goes like with the width and the length of the item with guard rails. Those are the dimensions of the examples that you can use for calculation.

Bunk bed dimensions are different depend on the model that you choose. There are two examples; loft bunk and standard bunk that you can use for help.