Vanities for Bedroom with Lights: Best Lighting Tips for Makeup

Using natural light is always the best way when grooming or applying your makeup; plus, it is also the cheapest solution. Even so, not all people can benefit from the abundance of natural light in their bedroom. This is why the vanities for bedroom with lights will make the best solution to choose from. However, there are some important things you will need to know and consider when lighting your bedroom vanity and mirror. Pay attention to these so you are guaranteed with flawless makeup as you leave your house!

Vanities for Bedroom with Lights Tips

1. Choose lighting with a high CRI

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CRI or color rendering index has a lot to do with vanities for bedroom with lights. This is related to how different colors are perceived, which is important in makeup since one foundation color may seem like it suits your skin tone when seen under a light with low CRI when it actually doesn’t—and you finally notice the difference once you see it under the daylight.

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Hence, this is why it’s really important to make sure that the lighting for your bedroom (or even bathroom) vanity has a high CRI. This way, you can see the true color of your eye shadows, foundation, blush on, lipstick, and so on. The general rule says to keep the CRI above 80 or go with the incandescent bulbs for vanity lighting for a perfect CRI of 100.

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2. Use various sources of light

The truth is not to use only overhead lighting for your bedroom vanity. Under a single overhead lighting or only one light, the source will cause the shadows accentuated and created on certain areas that will not do any good to the makeup application process, such as under the eyes. To see your face in the best light, one flush mount or pendant lighting fixture will never do.

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You may often see the vanity mirror light in the dressing room of a movie star—that is to make sure that your face is surrounded by light as you apply your makeup. However, that’s not the only vanities for bedroom with lights to provide you various sources of light. Aside from a pendant, you can also use a pair of wall sconces flanking your vanity mirror at eye level to highlight the areas of the face and provide the needed task lighting greatly.

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3. Do not overdo on the wattage

The common misconception is that the higher wattage and lumen makes better quality makeup lighting. Contrary to popular belief, this is not true. The best lighting to use for makeup applying process is the lighting that can produce a soft light that is not bright. This is why the lighting for the bedroom or bathroom vanities are ideally diffused through glass or shades often found on pendant lights or wall sconces.

Strategic lighting for your bedroom should include the vanities for the bedroom with lights as well. Pendant lights and wall sconces are popular for their functionality and aesthetics. Use them for your bedroom vanity lighting and plan it thoroughly so you are always guaranteed with the flawless makeup every day. Vanities for bedroom with lights require you to consider some important factors for the best quality lighting that is used for makeup and grooming purposes.