Vintage Curio Cabinets – Basic Types to Choose the Best for You

Having a lot of collectible items has exactly been a hobby for some people. For individuals with the hobby, they seem to be familiar with curio cabinet. Vintage Curio cabinets are then really strongly affected by the ‘vintage look.’ Although nowadays the curio has been gone through some transformation to be more in modernized look, still the vintage has different attractiveness without being old fashioned. It is different since the modern curio has an upright with sharp line and less decorative accent. How about on choosing the right vintage design? Let us find in the following.

Butler Home Decor Side Chair Curio Finish Type – Light Vintage Oak

Choosing the Right Vintage Curio Cabinets

Vintage Look Cherry Wood Finish Curio Cabinet

Many people consider about a standard standing cabinet. The cabinet usually comes with standard dimension and be the most popular among any other vintage curio cabinet furniture. It a flexible way in the rectangular shape with some carves or decorative accents on the top or lower part of the cabinet.

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Some also designed in curvy molding which can evoke more delicate impression. As it stands on the floor, it usually has flat back whereas some other may place the furniture in a corner, if it is possible. The cabinet can be used in flexible way whether it is used to store the treasured items or it can be used as semi-partition in accordance to the room size and needed space.

Butler Masterpiece Wall Curio

There is also corner curio cabinet. It is suitable for small space in the nook. As the name implies, it is designed to fit in the corner of the room. The shape is usually like a triangle with the pointed angle on the back to match the walls’ angle. Although people can use the standard cabinet for the corner, this furniture will be more efficient and savvy in the space usage. It can be used same as the standard design to be a display case. Some models are available in vintage curio cabinet glass for more modern look.

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Vintage Curio Cabinets With Glass Doors for Sale

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Tempo Curio Cabinet

Furthermore, console cabinet in the old style is popular too. Console table has been a favorite item because the size is quite flexible compared to the standard design. It is like a small version of the standard cabinet. It is usually designed with four legs, and some others are in no-tip base. Particularly in the legless model, it aims to the with other furniture as another option besides to be lower profile display. Some manufacturers may intentionally design it to be a pair of table with drawers. In the material, it can combine solid wood with glass shelves as in vintage curio cabinets with glass doors.

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Octave III Eight-Shelf Curio Cabinet

Then, there is also wall mounted cabinet. The vintage cabinet can be the last option if there is no space on the floor or as a place to store small items. It is usually in lightweight material. The material can be a combination of wood and glass with neutral or pale palette matching to the walls color. However, choosing the modern rustic design has been recently targeted by people because it is versatile whether to be combined in modern, contemporary, and the rustic itself.

Chairside Curio w Inset Glass Top

People can also remodel into brand new look by purchasing secondhand items from warehouse or vintage curio cabinet for sale in the favorite shop to be their dream furniture. Now, you have more storage for ceramic, porcelain, sculpture, glass, pictures, and more to be neatly organized. There are many ways to redesign to be the most ‘you’ furniture in the vintage curio cabinets.