Wall Curio Cabinet Which Saves Your Space

Those who love antique collections must think that the existence of curio cabinet is definitely essential. However, there is a problem emerges when it relates to space issue. Worry not since today you are going to find the solution of space saving curio cabinet. It is the so called wall curio cabinet as an alternative of showing off your collections even though you don’t have much space left. This can save space without sacrificing the need to display all of your collection in your cabinet.

Wall Curio Cabinet You Might Think About

Wall Shadow Box Display Case for Figurines

Here we have Jeanna wall curio cabinet. What makes it special? This wall display cabinet features cherry finish with three shelves and tempered glass. This tempered glass surely offers more protections for your collections, particularly if you have small children around. This wall curio cabinet also includes analog clock with quartz movement. Not to mention Jeanna wall mounted curio cabinet with glass doors are also constructed with mirrored back panel.

Shot Glass Display Case Cabinet Holder Rack Shadow Box with Glass Door

As it is going to be wall mounted, this cabinet is made with sturdy construction. You have nothing to worry about since this cabinet ensures its function to store and protect your worthy collections. Talking about the material, it is made from manufactured wood such as mahogany.

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Those who need a storage as well as lights as the features of this curio cabinet should be disappointed since this cabinet is not featured with those. It does not provide you with stemware holder, too. However, it is not a good reason to neglect this wall mounted cabinet.

Modern Large Mahogany Wall Curio Cabinet

Elegant Home Fashion Anna Wall Cabinet with 2-Door

Jeanna modern wall curio cabinet is designed with two shelves with different dimensions. The lower shelf is known to be higher and wider than the upper shelf. This allows you to store bigger stuff in the lower position of the curio. Talking about the wall mount, this curio cabinet is supposed to have lighter weight compared to the stand wall cabinet. Jeanna curio cabinet is designed with average weight about 11 lbs. This is quite safe to be wall mounted.

Curio Display Case Wall Cabinet-5 Adjustable Shelves Cherry Hardwood

Manufacturing this mahogany wall curio cabinet also needs plan to make it work effectively without damaging the wall. This plan actually covers all of the accidental stains and the accidental damage for your furniture.

Collectible Display Case Wall Curio Cabinet Shadow Box with Glass Door

In addition, it covers as well the structural damage after manufacturer’s warranty which has expired to all furniture which is used in the residential settings. In the terms of the accidental damage, this plan will cover all of the unintentional stains, tears, rips, burns, punctures, chips, gouges, water rings, and dents. This also covers the structural damage.

Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet Wall Display Case with Glass Door

After all, you don’t need to buy large wall curio cabinet since a small curio cabinet has already saved your space without sacrificing the beauty of cabinet and all stuff inside it which you want to show it to your guest. Also, the curio cabinet in small size has less or minimum maintenance compared to the large one. After knowing the specifications and detail of Jeanna small curio cabinet which has been provided, you are required to choose the best wall curio cabinet. They are saving space and simple as well. Go get it!