What Are the Right Bunk Bed Measurements?

With your small house, you should not worry because you can consider buying a bunk bed. Bunk bed is not only affordable but also space efficient. However, you have to know the ideal size if you want to buy a bunk bed. Therefore, it is very important to discuss about bunk bed measurements. In fact, bunk bed is available in various sizes. So, you have to find the ideal one for your need.

Standard Bunk Bed Measurements

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Even though bunk bed comes in various sizes, the standard bunk bed dimensions for adults should be 39 inches of the width and 75 inches of the length. This size is ideal for one adult. However, you can also consider it for younger people. For example, this standard size of bunk bed is appropriate for kids, school age children, and also teenagers. Anyway, it is ideal for anyone because of the standard measurement.

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Small Bunk Bed Measurements

What are the measurements of a bunk bed mattress? If you want to buy it for kids or children, I suggest you to buy a small bunk bed. Small bunk bed measures 36 inches of the width and 75 inches of the length. This narrow bunk bed is appropriate for one kid. Besides that, it is also recommended for pre-teens and even upper. However, teens and adults should take the bigger size.

Twin Bunk Bed Measurements

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One of the most popular bunk beds is one that comes with twin model. The measurements of a twin bunk bed should be 39 inches of the width and 75 inches of the length. With 39”x75” size, it is appropriate for kids. Besides, adults are also allowed to use it. However, you have to make sure that one bed should be for one person.

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Other Measurements to Know

Talking about measurement is not only talk about the size. However, it also relates to the other measurements. One of them is related to the standard bunk bed dimensions height. The height of bunk bed is ideally 96 inches for a 2 level beds. Then, the clearance from the floor to the bottom bunk should be 8 inches. For the bed height, it should be around 8 inches, too. It can be more or less.

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Besides, you should also pay attention to the clearance between bottom and top beds where it should be about 36 inches. For the stairs, it is usually located on the side where the width is around 18 inches. If you want to buy a triple bunk bed, the measurement especially the height must be different. This standard measurement is for 2-level bunk bed.

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That is all what you need to know about bunk bed measurements. This is very important to be a useful reference when buying a bunk bed. Make sure that it comes with ideal measurements. Besides that, it can also be a good guide if you consider creating a DIY bunk bed. You can follow the ideal measurements explained above. Bunk bed measurements should be paid attention carefully. So, when you buy or create a bunk bed, you will find the ideal one.