What Corner Oak Curio Cabinet Is Best for You?

Do you know the curio cabinet? There are some options of curio cabinets, one of which is corner oak curio cabinet. Well, there are some people who think that curio cabinet is the same with china cabinet. Unfortunately, they’re different.

China cabinets are usually used for some certain and particular purposes, while curio cabinets are usually used for displaying anything. This kind of cabinet features typically the clear glass panels on sides in order to allow you for having a full view of the collections inside the curio cabinets. The cases that come with the side viewing are special and popular for the objects which you and some other people don’t want to being handled.

What Corner Oak Curio Cabinet Is Best for You?

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Classic Oak Corner Curio Cabinet

The front and clear sides of corner oak curio cabinet are great as well for some collectible items such as figurines, wood carving, dolls, etc. Usually that kind of cabinet has 360 degrees of the details.

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And essentially the most particular and distinguishing factor between the curio cabinets and the china hutches besides the glass sides is that they have different purpose. They are used for different purpose.

Pulaski Oak Corner Curio Cabinet

When you want to choose which cabinet is the best for you, it is actually quite easy. But you need to think about several reasons on what things you need to consider when you want to buy a cabinet. Usually it is about the construction. The type of the wood which is used for the construction is important. Natural woods usually look great. And with right stain or the finish that kind of cabinet can bring your own room together.

Corner Oak Curio Cabinet for Sale

Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet Golden Oak

And the other thing is the size, color, shape, and the other features which are mentioned to pick most beautiful as well as functional model for your house. Corner oak curio cabinet is perfect for a room which is small. It is a perfect space saver which utilizes the unused corner space. It will also create the eye catching display. Here are some recommended corner curio cabinets that you can consider:

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1. Pulaski Corner Curio Cabinet Cherry Finish

It has a warm cherry finish that features classical display cabinet design which will complement the various decorative settings. Not only that, it has also 2 way sliding door coming with the lock. The next is that the case is decorated with the pilasters, and rosettes and also elegant trim as well as moldings. The halogen lighted interior comes with low or high roll switch. It is mirrored back and there are 5 glass shelves which are adjustable. It is 20 inches deep, 29 inches wide and 80 inches high. You will get one year warranty. And it can be purchased with $500 – $1,000.

2. Pulaski Mantel Corner Curio Cabinet in Brown

The next corner oak curio cabinet Pulaski Mantel corner curio. It is easy to install and wipe clean. The weigh is 100 lb and it is 15 inches L, 33 inches W, and 59” H. The mantel curio has side entry, interior lighting, glides for leveling which is adjustable and mirrored back as well as glass shelves which are adjustable. It has fluted verticals, curved foot and capitals. It has 1 year warranty.