What Size Bed Is Best For Couples- What Is The Best Mattress Size?

Are you tired of waking up every day and having to deal with extreme body pain? Or Are you someone who recently got married and wants to have a pleasant experience in the bedroom? Or perhaps you are looking to change your and your spouse’s old worn-out mattress? Whatever your case may be, you have nothing to worry about, as in this article. You will find out all there is to know when choosing and purchasing a mattress.

Types of queen beds

When it comes to bed sizes, the main two that might come to your head are queen or king. Still, in reality, there are different mattress sizes within these categories that you should know when choosing the best mattress size for you and your loved ones, such as standard, California, or olympic queen. The majority of couples prefer to choose a queen bed over the king as the queen is less wide than the king, making it ideal for small space living.

Olympic queen

Although the different queen bed sizes are slightly different, you might want to know these differences so that your bedroom experience and ambiance matches your and your partner’s liking. An olympic bed measures roughly 80 x 60 inches and is the ideal mattress for tall couples. Since it is longer than in width, it provides you with just the perfect size.

California bed

This queen bed size varies slightly from the Olympic queen as it measures 84 by 60 inches. If you and your partner love to have personal space during sleeping or include extra pillows beside or in the middle of your space, this is the ideal bed size for you. Besides having pillows, this bed is ideal for those couples who have a newly born infant that needs to sleep in the middle of you and your spouse. The additional four inches you and your spouse obtain from this bed allows you to have personal space and shift places comfortably during sleeping.

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The Alaskan King

Now you might be someone who does not like the idea of having a queen as it does not give you the required extra space that you are looking for, and so for this reason, you should opt for an Alaskan king, which measures 108 by 108, and it is the largest size out there. Although the size of this bed is large and comfortable, you do have to keep in mind the price range, but if you are willing to throw in the extra bucks for you and your spouse’s pleasure bed experience, then go ahead and do so.

The material of the bed

Besides the size of your bed, another major factor worth considering is the material of the bed you are choosing, and this can be quite a tricky thing. Besides sleeping, you want to make sure that you look for the material that boosts your lovemaking in the bed. Often couples have different preferences to what they find suitable. Hence you must sit down and have a conversation on which you and your loved one can agree.

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Foam mattress

For many individuals out there, the first option that comes to mind is the foam mattress, as it has tremendous benefits and fits the budgets of many. You may not be aware of this, but your temperature has a drastic effect on your sleep. But foam mattresses are designed so that they have temperature control material inside of them to maintain your external body temperature.

The better your mattress temperature matches with your own body, the pleasant you and your partner’s sleeping experience is. Furthermore, foam mattresses are quite allergy-friendly, a huge factor to consider when purchasing a mattress. Some people have minor to severe allergies to different materials, such as light cotton/polyester, so this is something you should keep in mind before finalizing your comfort mattress.

One drawback of a foam mattress, though, is that it may cause you to feel stuck over time as a foam mattress takes the shape of your body. The overall mattress may get compressed to have a rather sinking effect, which is quite unpleasant.

Spring Mattress

Another common mattress that couples may opt to sleep on in their bedroom is the spring mattress, as the majority of the people are familiar with it and have somewhat of an experience in their lifetime. This mattress is not only budget-friendly to your wallet, but it also is efficient as it has a longer life than other mattresses.

The spring used in these mattresses is durable and can withstand everyday pressure that comes from the weight of your body. Unlike other mattresses, this type of mattress maintains its shape for a relatively long time. It should be noted, though, that the spring mattress has the tendency to create noises over time, and it could cause disturbance in you and your loved ones sleeping patterns or lovemaking.

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Air mattress

Air mattresses fall in the lower category when it comes to the overall price as they are commonly used for last-minute camping or quick sleep. However, if you and your spouse have precious experience with this type of mattress, then it could be a great option for you. Changing a mattress type can have a drastic long-term effect on your sleep and mood, so if you think you can handle the quality of the air mattress while knowing its effects, then you could purchase it.

Price range

One obvious and important point to think of is the budget you have set for your comfort level. It should be kept in mind that you can find a great mattress that will not just maintain but improve your and your spouse’s sleep if you have a tight budget. The one thing you should always keep in mind is its long-term effect, and based on those judgments, you can choose your mattress type and size.


Having a good night sleep is crucial for all of us so that you can wake up and be productive. No one likes the feeling of waking up fatigued or annoyed. Hence, you should choose the best mattress for you and your spouse to have a memorable time.