White Bedroom Furniture Sets Ideas for Your Daughter

Are you looking for some cute and feminine ideas employing white bedroom furniture sets? If yes, you might find some difficulty to choose which furniture to put in the bedroom, especially for your daughter who grows up already. Here are some ideas of white bedroom furniture ideas especially for girls that are not difficult to create.

Chic Bedroom Design Ideas with White Bedroom Furniture Sets

In fact, decorating bedroom with white furniture is not so tricky as long as you know to mix and match it with any other furniture. Therefore, it will not look too plain and boring. Here are several ideas that you can try at home.

1. Planked White Bedroom

Roundhill Furniture Bedroom Furniture Bed Dresser King White

Have you ever thought about having planked white bedroom for you girls? This is one of cheap white bedroom furniture sets you could think about. Why not? And this kind of furniture can be completed along with white wall and floor.

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The white walls as well as the white flooring will cover you girl’s bedroom with New York farmhouse theme. The 4-poster pine bed beautifully wears linens from the Pottery Barn.

2. Reddish Pop and White Bed

J&M Furniture Palermo White Lacquer With Chrome Accents Queen Size Bedroom Set

You can now think about the mattress and the bed. You can put some pillows in the bed with white colors. The bolster are as well white. But to make it even brave and not boring, those contemporary white bedroom furniture sets will be combined with some red furniture.

The example is in one of California home’s bedroom. In that bedroom, the white bedding is paired with Garnet Hill striped duvet-cover as well as the throw pillows which are made out of vintage fabrics.

White Bedroom Furniture Sets for Sale

3. Cottage Guest Bedroom Style

Roundhill Furniture Regitina 016 Bedroom Furniture Set, Queen Bed, Dresser, Mirror, Nightstand and Chest, White

As the name suggests, it is like the cottage with small, tiny, but cute design. It is surely interesting and it will attract your daughter of course. In this bedroom style, there is a small white contemporary bedroom which is located right next to the window.

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It is like a shipped room. The bed is like a daybed which evokes boat berth. And there is wooden barrel top as well as nautical buoy to make the combination of wall art which is timeworn.

4. Master Bedroom

One of white bedroom furniture sets for girl is the space. Make sure you give larger space for your girl and her friends to have chit chat inside. So, white furniture is the chaise lounge as well as carpet. Don’t forget to give as well wardrobe in white color.

The walls can be combined with blue color, light blue. Or, if she loves pink, it can be light pink combined with white. Don’t forget to put some dolls she had when she was a kid. It will recall her memory and appreciate every toy and doll she had before growing to be an adult.

White Bedroom Furniture Ideas on Sale

5. Stylish Shelving

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These white bedroom furniture ideas might suit best for small bedroom. You need to keep a stylish space which is organized by adding some simple white wall shelves. You can narrow the shelves in some different sizes to create some visual interest in your girl’s bedroom and offer a simple way to showcase books, artwork and other knickknacks.

Small white wicker baskets also provide extra organizational element. Also they help you to keep the girl’s desk clear as well as clutter free. At last, playing with white bedroom furniture sets if you know what you are going to do.

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