White Marble Dining Table: How to Take Care of It?

There are more and more people choosing white marble dining table. It is, of course, one big decision to choose marble dining table or countertops with white color. But you don’t have to regret anything since marble is indeed excellent, beautiful and well, relatively not expensive if compared with the other countertops or dining table in the solid surface materials.

Also, white marble top dining table or countertops are actually easy to clean. Not only that, it is very easy to maintain the white marble countertop or dining table. However, marble top does not always offer those conveniences. Here are some reasons why white marble top can be a bad choice.

Why White Marble Dining Table or Countertops Can Be Bad

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Let us talk about some reasons why people probably take the wrong step by choosing white marble for their dining table or countertop. According to some research and some scientists who work in some departments, marble is carbonated. It is not carbonite, but carbonate.

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To choose the stone dining table or countertops is pretty a proposition while having the close connection with the geology faculty. They will ask why some people put some carbonate in the house especially in their dining room over the drinks on the part. But some people go off the point.

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White marble dining room table is prone to mark since it has calcium carbonate make up. It will react with any kinds of acid. Acid eats away the tiny bit of surface that creates the dull spots which are also known as etches. It means to say that any splash such as lemon juice as well as any damp margarita glasses is going to leave the subtle marks.

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The issue of etching is what makes marble dining table or countertop have a reputation of being hard to be cleaned and being finicky. But actually, white marble dining table set is just like the other natural stone which is comfortable wearing, durable, and very easy to be cleaned. You don’t want to use natural cleaners such as lemon juice or vinegar, right?

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White Marble Round Dining Table

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If you insist on having marble dining table, you need to find out how to clean it up and take care of it. Here are some steps to take care of white marble round dining table. First, you need to remove the items from the marble dining table or the marble countertops.

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Use the dry clean and soft cloth. Clean the marble to eliminate the food crumbs and debris. If in case there is a lot of oil on your marble dining table or countertop’s surface from your cooking, you need to take the clean cotton cloth or towel and then wet it using some acetone which is found in the hardware store. Then, wipe its surface.

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You can also use some neutral pH which is non-rinsing marble cleaning product that is available from the special natural stone supplier. If you cannot find it, you can mix one teaspoon of the non-citrus dish washing liquid in the gallon of the warm water, and wet the marble surface using the mixture. And then give it more minutes and then scrub the white marble dining table with some soft and white pad.