Check Out The Wood Bed Frame Pros and Cons

Are you wondering how wood bed frame become so widely purchased around the world? When it comes to choose a home furniture including bed frame, one should consider many things such as home design suitability, furniture quality and durability, easy or hard maintenance and other consideration that basically depends on the house owner.

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Now if we talk about bed frame, you will be presented one type of it. That is wood bed frame. This kind of bed frame has been the most popular and well-chosen bed frame for decades. Well, it is because of its elegance look, durability, various design availability, and many other factors making it special to pick up.

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However, while there are so many reasons why people love wood for their bed frame, there will be a drawback, too. In this article, we are going to show how wood bed frame is loved and hated due to the particular condition or situation. In other words, you will find the advantage and disadvantage of this bed frame type as well as the tips what to consider when you finally decide to pick wood.

Wood Bed Frame Pros

Do you realize that wood bed frame presents very big benefits which make almost people want to pick it up? Well, check out what those are below:

1. Match the rest of a room

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The first reason why most people like this type of bed frame is the fact that it matches the rest of a room. It is because there are a lot of bed frame designs you can choose to suit your room. The designs are provided in such a way to serve you the best choice so that you can take one that is most matching with the rest of your room.

2. More designs

Yes, more designed are ready to choose from. Especially if you have furnished most of your house with wood furniture, wood bed frame is designed to suit every style of your wood furnished room. It is one of the strength of using bed frame which is made of wood.

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3. Durability

One of the most well-known reason why people stay purchasing wood furniture is the durability. You can really hope to use the wood bed frame since it will last longer. Although it may have a risk of being attacked by insect, you don’t have to worry because of the wood polish protection.

4. Wide range of styles

It is really true that wooden bed frame has a wide variety of styles available in the market, ranging from a simple style to a complex one. Yup, this is another reason why most people stay purchasing wood furniture including wood bed frame.

5. Colors variety

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Is this bed frame type has colors variety? Exactly! It is because the wood used is lighter such as maple, oak, Mahogany, and many others that are easy to paint in colors. This fact will allow you to choose one bed frame type which is colorful to make your children happy.

6. Easy maintenance

Although wood is considered hard to maintain, but along with the modern paint and polish, wood becomes easy to maintain. If you want to clean your wood bed frame, you just need to wipe down the wood using the soft cloth.

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Wood Bed Frame Cons

As we have stated in the previous section, there will always be a drawback over the pros of things. Here we have selected two common cons only why people dislike using wood bed frame.

1. Heavy to move

The first common reason why most people avoid purchasing wooden frame for bed is the fact that it is heavy to move. It is due to the strong construction of the wooden bed frame. Wood bed frame might not be an ideal choice especially if you often relocate the furniture. Wood material is extremely heavy to lift and move. If you are living in a home with stairs, you will not be able to move it.

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2. Mostly expensive

The second reason why people do not prefer this type of bed frame is the fact that it is mostly expensive. Well, this is true. Wood materials are considered having the very expensive price compared to its competitor such as metal bed frame. Due to this fact, people may not be able to afford wood bed frame.

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What to Consider

It is really a good choice if you take wood bed frame for your bedroom. There are more pros described in this article than the cons, especially when you finally decide to purchase this wooden furniture, you must consider the following things:

1. Size

The first thing to consider just before going to the store and pick one bed frame, you must measure what size that will suit your left space in your room. There are typically various sizes available ranging from twin to king size.

2. Price

The second thing to consider coming after the size is the price. If you really want to take wood furniture, make sure you have prepared the budget which is not cheap. It means that you must be ready for how much you will pay for the most expensive price of the wood bed frame you are going to purchase.

3. Wood types

The next type to consider dealing with the tips to purchase wood furniture is the wood types. Commonly, maple, oak and mahogany are the most popular wood types admired by most people around the world. Now what you need to do is to check out what wood types which will best suit your personal choice.


Finally, you may infer in your mind that wood bed frame can be not only the right option but also the best choice of all. Looking at the review how people like wood for their bed frame, you may figure out to pick up this type of bed frame, too. Thus, knowing that it is more in the pros than in the cons, you can consider picking it up soon.