Wood Bedroom Sets with Attractive and Expressive Style

Wood is the most popular material for the bedroom. People use this material to create bedroom set, including additional furniture. Since long time ago, wood bedroom sets become an essential part of room decoration. From time to time, you always find a new design for the wood bedroom. The primary advantage of timber for bedroom set is compatibility to put it in any room theme.

You can use the wood-based bed for modern, contemporary, old, classic, and country design. Wood is everlasting material for furniture, even metal and stainless already emerged in the contemporary era. People still cannot forget wood. Unique texture and pattern are artistic aspects that hard to resist. In the following section, you will see several bedroom sets using wood as the primary material.

Some Ideas in Wood Bedroom Sets

Roundhill Furniture Montana Modern 5-Piece Wood Bedroom SetsRoundhill Furniture Montana Modern 5-Piece Wood Bedroom Set

Solid wood bedroom sets might be the oldest application of wood in the room. Solid wood has the general example, but you can easily recognize after see it closely. Bedroom sets with solid wood are heavier than the other ones. Headboard, stand, and mattress place are pure wood, and they might come in single pieces.

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Of course, it is very rare to find this kind of furniture. At the store, you can check solid wood from assembling process. The right side of solid wood as bedroom sets is durability and longevity. You will astonish with old bed frame because it still looks good after many decades.

Oak Wood Vanity With Table & Bench SetOak Wood Vanity With Table & Bench Set

Color for bedroom depends on many things, including furniture. Dark is one of the excellent choices, particularly for dark wood bedroom sets. When talking about dark color, black is part of it. Dark color for bedroom furniture can be applied in full or medium scale.

In the full dark mode, every furniture is in the same color which is dark brown or black. In a medium state, the dark color can be found only in the bed frame and the others are slightly or purely bright color. Additional furniture in bedroom sets consists of a cabinet, small desk, drawer, console table, wardrobe, stool, etc.

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Distressed Cherry Wood Bedroom Sets

Mandura collection luxurious English style cherry Finish Wood Queen Bedroom SetMandura collection luxurious English style cherry Finish Wood Queen Bedroom Set

Another recommended style is distressed wood bedroom set. Keep in mind that there is no exact definition of this style. You can see how bedroom furniture is arranged. The color is mostly dark. A unique part of this style is a wood pattern without artificial touch.

Carpenter or manufacturer does not put paint to cover this model. This kind of sets is suitable for countryside or classic bedroom style. Countryside relates to nature, so wood pattern increases the quality atmosphere in the room. If you want to put it in a contemporary style, it is better to use smoother color for wall and floor.

There are many trees as sources of furniture. Each of them has the specific texture, pattern, color, and characteristic. Cherry is fine wood with the hard texture and red-brown color. It has the straight pattern which becomes favorite of simple types of furniture such as a chair, table, and cabinet.

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Besides red and brown, cherry wood might come in yellow or orange. This wood is easy to shape into many forms. The interesting part of this wood is darkening style after the extended period of usage. If you like cherry wood bedroom sets, prepare for amazing color in the future.

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