Wood Bunk Beds for Sale: Different Types of Wood

When it comes to bunk bed material, metal and wood are the most common and popular ones, if not the only ones. Each of them has its own characteristics and pros and cons. And although metal shouldn’t be discounted as a bunk bed material, apparently wood remains the more popular option.

It’s said that the wood bunk beds for sale still make up more than three quarters of today’s market with a wide variety of styles and shapes to choose from. Today, we’ll talk about some of the common types of woods to manufacture bunk beds.

Materials for Wood Bunk Beds for Sale

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1. Maple

Maple has been the favorite among the American furniture crafters for centuries. Heavy and hard, the solid wood bunk beds for sale made from maple can also resist wear and abrasion greatly. Maple is characterized by its fine, uniform, and close texture. The color ranges from dark reddish brown to creamy white.

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2. Oak

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It’s not difficult to find wooden bunk beds with mattress for sale made from oak since this type of wood is favored for its great wear-resistance and steam bending. This heavy and hard wood can be distinguished from its medium to coarse texture, in addition to its prominent figure. Many white wood bunk beds for sale are made from oak, although you can also find oak furniture in light brown or pinkish-reddish brown.

3. Cherry

This popular material for wood bunk beds for sale is of medium density with medium shock resistance and strength, in addition to the good bending properties. Its grain is straight, fine, and uniform, and the texture is satiny and smooth. It’s natural for cherry wood to contain small gum pockets and brown pith flecks. Meanwhile, the color widely ranges from reddish brown to red. As it ages, the wood will darken. The same change in color also happens on constant exposure to light.

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Cheap Wooded Bunk Beds for Sale

Twin over Twin Wood Bunk Bed Pine Finish

4. Walnut

This is a tough hardwood with medium density and moderate crushing and bending strengths. Generally, walnut furniture shows straight grain, although the curly or wavy grain may show occasionally to create the decorative and attractive figure. The color ranges from light brown to dark chocolate brown, sometimes with darker streaks and purplish cast. With age, the rich patina the wood develops gets more lustrous.

5. Pine

If you’re looking for cheap wooded bunk beds for sale, anything made from pine will make the best option to consider. Although this soft wood has low shock resistance and strength, this variant known for its knotted look is actually very stable. The color options include light brown, creamy white, and light brown. Pine wood is often used for furniture pieces with an antique or rustic look.

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So, which wood bunk beds for sale should you buy? The choice, as always, is all yours to make. Wooden bunk beds are generally favored for their sturdiness and strength. Even so, they are heavier so they’re less practical if you’ll move the furniture often. Plus, wooden bunk beds are also generally more expensive than metal ones.