Types of Wood Dining Table Pros and Cons

You must have realized it by now that there are tons of different dining table types – which can be overwhelming and confusing. Among the popular types, wood dining table remains one of the most favorable and popular. Naturally, there are good reasons why people would stick to the choice instead of other materials. There are so many different appeals and aspects to consider when choosing a wood dining table, so we are going to discuss it one by one.

Wood Dining Table Pros

There are several good reasons why wood table is considered ideal for most homes. Sturdy construction and impressive quality are the most popular reasons for wood dining table advantages. You have to admit that most wood furniture is tough – they can withstand wear for years. If you choose the hardwood types (such as walnut, oak, teak, mahogany, or maple), they generally last for good.

DHP Fusion Metal Square Dining Table with Wood Table Top, Black

Besides the quality material, wood table is somewhat inviting. There is something warm and homey about wood furniture, making the dining table ideal for family gathering or dinner events. The dining table is also ideal for families spending time together by the end of the day – talking about their activities.

East West Furniture NOFK5-OAK-C 5-Piece Dinette Table Set, Oak Finish

And another good thing about the wood furniture is their impressive ability to restore or fix. Even when there is damage or dent, you can always restore and fix it in no time. Just go to the professional and everything will be done quickly! If you want to seal or cover the surface, a special wood sealer can help.

Wood Dining Table Cons

Despite all the great perks delivered by the wood furniture, be prepared of some wood dining table disadvantages. After all, nothing can be 100% perfect. Moisture and water has always been the number one enemy for wood material. Wood is vulnerable to water because it can create serious damage to the inner form.

Winsome Wood 34130 Groveland Dining, Oak

Whenever moisture is left to settle, it will seep into the wood (because wood has pores) and cause serious damage on the inner part. If there is a spill, it’s better to wipe it off right away.

East West Furniture ANT-LOK-TP Antique Dining Table, 36 Round, Linen White and Oak Finish

Wood is also prone to scratch, especially from daily use. Scrapes and scratches are pretty common in wood furniture so you can’t expect the surface to be 100% smooth and flawless. Not to mention that wood is pretty costly – the object itself and the maintenance.

Buying a genuine and authentic wood product is pricey and the same goes for the maintenance and care. Basically, if you want to have beautiful and artistic piece of furniture, be ready to spend extra.

Wood Dining Table Round

There are different shapes of dining table, but having a round table delivers a unique sense of ownership and belonging. A round table doesn’t have corners – which mean that it doesn’t come with sharp edges. If you have kids or pets, having the wood dining table round will be a safer choice.

Helena Round Dining Table Grey

Moreover, the round shape is ideal for most home décor or design. Whether you have a small or big space, the round table would be the ideal pick. All you have to consider is the diameter. Go with smaller diameter for limited space and opt for bigger diameter for bigger space.

International Concepts 36-Inch Round Pedestal Table, 30-Inch, Espresso

The round design does have its own appeal. Whether you choose the classic and elegant piece, or you prefer the vintage and bohemian style, there are different kinds of round design that will suit your needs just perfectly.

Wood Dining Table Rustic

People think that wood dining table rustic is perfect for those with rustic interior décor. This is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make. You see, rustic table can apply to all kinds of home décor – that’s the beauty of the style. The versatility of the rustic design is just marvelous – it can deliver different effects to whatever interior décor you have.

Aingoo Rustic Dining Table Wooden MDF 47 Vintage Kitchen Table for 4-6 Person Steel Fram Heavy Duty Brown Black (Table Only)

In modern and sophisticated décor, the rustic furniture can deliver warm and homey effect. In vintage décor, the rustic piece can add the traditional appeal. In traditional rustic décor, the piece can enhance the rustic ambiance. Not to mention that there are different rustic designs.

UMBUZÖ Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

There are rectangular table with natural wood surface. There are round tables with glossy finish or even glass surface. There are bench-style table that can accommodate a lot of people. The options are limitless!

Wood Dining Table Rectangular

Besides the round table, wood dining table rectangular is also a popular pick – simply because most dining rooms are coming in a rectangular shape. However, there are also reasons why such a rectangular shape is likable. The shape is flexible. If you only have 4 people, go with the smaller one. But if you have to entertain others, even the smaller table can be used to accommodate more than 4 people.

Tribesigns Solid Wood Dining Table, Outdoor Patio Dining Table Furniture with Metal Frame Perfect for Patio

Another perk of the rectangular table is its ability to go against the wall. It definitely helps with room arrangement and display management without compromising the functionality.

Giantex Dining Table Mid Century Kitchen Table Rectangular Console Table with Wood Legs

This would be impossible with the round table. Rectangular shape also makes traffic flow easier and simpler – which can be crucial for those with limited space in their homes. Basically, if you want something versatile, functional, and practical, the rectangular piece would be the most ideal option.

Wood Dining Table with Metal Legs

Whereas wood furniture is usually associated with traditional appearance, you can actually achieve a modern look when you combine it with other materials.

Benzara BM119853 Industrial Style 3 Piece Dining Table Set of Wood and Metal, Brown and Black

Metal, for instance, isn’t only great to deliver modern appeal but it also creates a unique product. If you want to have a unique wood product with a tad of modern appeal, the wood dining table with metal legs would be the right pick.

Dporticus 5-Piece Dining Set Industrial Style Wooden Kitchen Table and Chairs with Metal Legs- Espresso

The metal legs can have various functions. They can provide the solid and sturdy support so you won’t have to worry about the flimsy quality. Moreover, the legs can also function as the decorative parts. If you browse the net, you will see various leg designs and styles that can increase the aesthetic appeal of the table.

In the end, choosing the right wood dining table depends on your personal preference and like. But don’t forget to consider your needs and requirements in relation to the home décor needs