Wooden 18” Doll Triple Bunk Bed: Best Bunk Beds for American Girl Dolls

If you have a plan to buy the best bunk beds for American girl dolls, I suggest you to consider buying wooden 18” doll triple bunk bed. This bunk bed becomes one of the most favorite furniture for those who have a small home interior. If you are also interested in this bunk bed, you need to pay attention to its review first. So, you know this bunk bed in more detail. Therefore, this article will discuss about its short review.

The Uses of These Bunk Beds for American Girl Dolls

As one of the most recommended doll bunk beds for American girl dolls, this bunk bed can be used for multipurpose. The main use is for your American dolls. So, you can apply it in the playroom. However, you can also apply it in your bedroom.

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In this idea, you will use it for sleeping. Because it comes with three levels of bunk, it can be used for 3 persons. But you should know that it does not have guardrails so that it is too risky. It shows that this is good for space efficient room.

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How Is It Designed?

Based on the amount of bunk, it belongs to triple bunk beds for American girl dolls. It is appropriate for you who have 3 American dolls. Besides that, it is also strong because this bunk bed is made from strong wood. So, it is not only appropriate for dolls but also for people.

The wood has high quality that makes the durability is undoubted. Even more, its design is also safety tested & approved. In addition, this also comes with stackable design where it can be easy to assemble.

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Still related to the design, it looks very beautiful. Comes with pink color, it is really appropriate for your daughters. The pink color dominates this bunk bed, not only for the bunk bed itself but also the mattresses and pillows. Actually, it comes with simple design.

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However, it looks chic that makes your daughters pleased with it. The 18 inch length is also very good to hold very great dolls. That is why it belongs to the most advised doll bunk beds for American girl dolls.

What Features Are Offered?

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There are some features offered by this American doll bunk bed. One of the best features is the mattress where it has 3 mattresses, one mattress for each bunk. Besides that, this loft bed for American girl doll also applies blankets. Then, it also comes with pillows. The adorable fabric makes it soft and smooth.

You also need to thank to the drawers located under the bottom bunk. You can use it to store many things. If you apply it in the playroom, you can store toys, games, etc. If you apply it in the bedroom, you can store your bedroom equipment. Anyway, it is reasonable if it is considered as one of the best bunk beds for American girl dolls. Bunk beds for American girl dolls should be chosen carefully. In this case, I suggest you to buy wooden 18” doll triple bunk bed