Zoo Med Aviansun Deluxe Floor Pet Lamp Basic Facts

At less than $60 price, the zoo med aviansun deluxe floor pet lamp is one of an excellent lamps choice on the market nowadays. This is a great floor lamp for you who want light bulb sold seperately and don’t want spending a fortune.

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Zoo Med Aviansun Deluxe Floor Pet Lamp Basic Facts

As an excellent lamps, zoo med avian sun deluxe floor lamp the new aviansun? deluxe floor lamp from zoo med allows bird keepers to provide their birds with true full spectrum light, including uvb and uva, just like they get in nature.

this floor lamp is designed for use with zoo med?s new aviansun? 5.0 uvb compact fluorescent lamp. ( light sold separately)this unique lighting arrangement will provide birds with safe levels of beneficial uvb and uva for physical and psychological health.

uvb enables birds to synthesize vitamin d3 for proper calcium metabolism which is necessary for normal growth, maintenance of strong bones, and egg production. uva is visible to birds, enabling them to recognize mates, locate food, and identify different species. without uva, birds are essentially colorblind. the floor lamp is fully adjustable, and includes a built in reflector for maximum light output. ( light bulb sold separately) bring the sun indoors.

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This zoo med aviansun deluxe floor pet lamp suitable for anyone who are looking for floor lamp with light bulb sold seperately. brings the sun indoors. manufactured to the highest quality available. design is stylish and innovative. optional aviansun 5.0 uva/uvb bulb recommeded.

Reviews by person who already bought this zoo med aviansun deluxe floor are meaningful explanation to make decisions. It will better and comfortable to get this zoo med lamp after get a chance to hear how real consumers felt about buying this floor lamps. At the time of writing this zoo med aviansun deluxe floor pet lamp review, there were more than 221 reviews on Amazon. Most of the reviews were really pleased and we give rating 3.6 from 5 for this zoo med aviansun deluxe floor pet lamp.

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